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  1. smcd

    New Forum Software!

    Looks like a breath of fresh air! Takes a bit of getting used to vs. the old system
  2. smcd

    Capcom shoots itself in foot on 3ds?

    News about resident evil mercenaries... Apparently the save is non erasable so if you resell (or want to replay) then you are stuck with your old save data, so it's basically worthless. I know one game I won't be buying...
  3. smcd

    Nintendo 3DS

    Anyone got one? Interested? Feel it's over-hyped? :P I picked one up today (2 left in stock?!) apparently it might not be the runaway success that they were hoping. Haven't gotten any games for it yet.
  4. smcd

    So I finally got a gamecube

    Was browsing craigslist and found posting $35 for 6 games, gamecube w/ screen, 1 controller and memory card - I found it too good to pass up :w00t:
  5. smcd

    Commodore 64 emulator "hacking"

    Someone's gone and developed a custom build of frodo and a tool to view and edit memory for it: and :D
  6. smcd

    Model 2 emulator v 0.7 released
  7. smcd

    32bit Windows fread 4GB limit

    Is there a way to overcome the limitation of reading files > 4GB using fread on Windows? I suppose I could use CreateFile/ReadFile though it doesn't help since I'm trying to keep this as "standard" as possible, thus fread Compiler: Visual C++ 2005. (I also tried with MinGW 3.4.2)
  8. smcd

    New Monitor!

    I finally had to break down and enter the 21st century. I bought an lcd monitor after much hesitation and research. I settled on an HP LP1965 19" 4:3 with 16.7m colors (yay no dithering!) and 6ms *VA panel (not TN, much wider viewing angles)...
  9. smcd

    no$gba launcher

    I used advanscene's list of save types and created a launcher for no$gba to change the no$gba.ini entry for nds save type based on identifying the game. The included db goes from 0001-1600, minus game numbers 1271, 1272, 1591, 1600 as those save types are "TBC" which i assume means "to be...
  10. smcd

    Nintendo DS rom trimmer

    I "ported" ndstrim v1.0 to be a Windows GUI program and made some optimizations to it as well. It should work with the same restrictions that ndstrim operates under - the size reported in the header must be accurate. The original ndstrim uses a 4KB buffer, mine uses a 4MB buffer... much faster...
  11. smcd

    Virtual PC 2007

    Apparently it's out of beta finally... For anyone who's interested in running OS's without the hassle of actually installing them to real hardware (development, debugging, playing) it's free.
  12. smcd

    Providing custom/optimized builds?

    Updated for 1.35 now
  13. smcd

    Visual Studio 2005 Standard, free!

    Get Visual Studio 2005 Standard edition for free! USA only, unfortunately. officially sponsored by MS, DDJ, and O'Reilly. Offer good until June 30. I got mine so I thought I'd share! :) (This isn't meant to be spam, just to let people get some free development tools...
  14. smcd

    funny google search

    Not sure how old this is or if it works on non-US google pages but I found it funny: go to and search "failure" and click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" - enjoy! =] EDIT: going to and doing it leads to another result, also funny.
  15. smcd

    Trans-Siberian Light Show

    Saw this on entensity i believe it was - was wondering if it were real! crazy people :P
  16. smcd

    more ebay n64 weirdness

    From wikipedia: The item (I'm not selling it just stumbled upon it) and since there are other threads with listed oddities I thought I'd share :P...
  17. smcd

    Daemon Tools 4.0 released

    Sorry I didn't see a "submit news" thread or something so I stuck it in Talk of the Town... Daemon Tools v 4.0 is released! from their site
  18. smcd

    Get Opera FREE - but hurry, ends Aug 31 Ends august 31st at midnight... get it while you can ;)
  19. smcd

    Some people just shouldn't be allowed to play games...

    Looks like China has their share of crazy gamers too.
  20. smcd

    Any UK folk heard of this handheld?

    A friend linked me to here and was wondering if anyone's heard of, played, seen one?