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    Space Invaders: Super cheats

    "SPACE INVADERS" "Have 3 shots" 800B51AB 0003 "Shield" 800B51B7 0002 "One Shot kills bosses" (Reduces bosses health per segment) D20B5B23 0000 800B5B23 0001 D20B5A5B 0000 800B5A5B 0001 D20B5A83 0000 800B5A83 0001 D20B5AAB 0000 800B5AAB 0001 D20E44E7 0000 800E44E7 0001 D20B5AFB 0000 800B5AFB...
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    nGlide 2.10 releace

    :Section PC Gaming. a few years late on the post, however, the information is still valid. nGlide is a 3Dfx Voodoo Glide wrapper. It allows you to play games designed for 3Dfx Glide API without the need for having 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card. All three API versions are supported, Glide 2.11...
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    Nes creator passes You have entertained millions sir. You will be missed.
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    N64 GameSharks versions

    The GameShark is the n64 developer's bread and butter so I believe it's time to actually take a look at these devices. Developed by Interact/Datal in Europe shortly before being sold to Madcats. The N64 Gameshark allows users to modify code ie cheats. Far less is known about the Pro versions...
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    Video game objects in real life

    Post an image and reference the game without going into much detail! 50 coins isn't that much for a priceless object but what I really need is a wrench.
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    Tutorial: How to load a HTS

    HTS loads Hires_textures instantly on emulation start provided the file is placed in the correct location. IE plugin/cache. Place the .HTS file in your Plugin/Cache folder. (Djipi's HTC files will not work in GLideN64 newer than 4.0) (Unless you have a new HTS) Settings should be as such: Use...
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    Notice to new members

    Regarding file downloads, members must confirm the verification email.
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    Shadows of the Empire

    This WiP is open files and documentation are free to be used in the development of other packs should users need. Developed strictly with GlideN64 to be used with 31b38a7a or later as redundant static files are bypassed. *What is done so far Font cards. Level select (with HighResEaser output...
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    Font replacement tool

    As we all know Font is one of the hardest things to get right in texture packs. Font cards are even harder as textures are read from a specific area within the overall transparent range. (Teal is transparent) Upscaling blurs the fonts whereas typing new ASCII never aligns correctly as spacing...
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    Static textures

    Having an issue with redundant textures ripping in SOTE. Example:XXXXXXXX......Individual...........Common name Shadow of the Empire#3BCA2B53#2#0#679762A4_ciByRGBA Shadow of the Empire#3BFD581D#2#0#679762A4_ciByRGBA What am i missing? There are hundreds of these in the range.
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    Runway emu
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    N64TEXTURES.COM Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>welcome-to-the-new-n64-textures We are delighted to announce the launch of our new site With the release of our Aeroguage Hi res texture pack for GlideN64. We hope to add more packs in the future. In the meantime please...
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    Nintendo data leak

    Bitdefender news That's a darn shame. Turns out big n killed the original post.
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    Rom pack 2020 edition

    Nes games Snes games N64 games Saga Gameube and more! Download now!
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    Redirect :(
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    texture replacement on slot 1 devices

    Has anyone heard or seen texture replacement emulators or ports to be used with the NDS/dsi? Been playing some snes dkc 2 on my DSIxl and a few things bug me. hard edges and white areas around spirits. Currently using Catsfc 1.36.1
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    Hyperinflation Continues To Devastate Economy

    The Mushroom Kingdom's economy has continued to topple as rapid hyperinflation devastates the country's currency, the gold coin.Economists have long warned this could happen. Decades ago, the Mushroom Kingdom featured relatively few coins. But since abandoning the gold standard, the kingdom has...
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    Gaming meets politics

    Trump Proposes Replacing Complex Airplane Controls With The Baddest Controller Of All: The Power Glove WASHINGTON, D.C.—After tweeting this morning that airplane controls are far too complex, President Donald Trump proposed an alternative solution: replacing all current control schemes with...
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    mGalaxy v7.0 released

    Nice update thanks