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  1. drew69

    Aidyn Chronicles probs

    when i fight spellwevers in Aidyn Chronicles the game frese but the fps still go it hapens in 1.4 and 1.5 if any 1 could tell me how 2 fix it as pj69 is the onley emulater that runes it propley on my p.c
  2. drew69

    wipout 64 problem

    when i compleat a chalenge on wipout 64 if i try and replay the chalenge the screen frezes but the fps (frames per second if any 1 dident know what fps ment) still keep change like normal e.g. 60 59 60 ect has any 1 had this problem if u did how did u fix it
  3. drew69

    rom sos

    i just downloaded wipeout but pj64 says that i kneed a difrent grapics plugin ive got jabo direct3d if know 1 knows what plugin can any 1 tell me where i can find a lot of plugins thanks
  4. drew69

    rom saves dont work

    1) rom saves dont work on my vershion of 1964 is not a mager problem but anys the hell out of me [Edited] to question 1 :1964: :pj64:
  5. drew69

    Aidyn Chronicles

    has any 1 herd of a game could Aidyn Chronicles coz i cant find it on my ushal place 4 rom downlods (dont ask me where i get my roms from just tell me if Aidyn Chronicles was relest on n64 or not)thanks :1964: allso dose any 1 have it is it any good and what size is it
  6. drew69

    roms (im not asking 4 them)

    i was just wondring y u cant ask 4 roms (im not asking 4 them i know where u can get them)it probely says y some where but i cant find it and load of people ask 4 them (apart from the fact there boring i cant see the point) any way must dash my granny is on fire burn bi*ch burn (i dont like her)...
  7. drew69

    rom saves can u download them

    hi im a lasey sod and cant b botherd to get all the levels and cheats 4 goldeneye and i dont like using 1964s cheat files its to much like cheating (ya and asking 4 game saves is'nt) ah well dose any 1 know where i can download game saves
  8. drew69

    1964 is 2 fast

    1964 is to fast is there any way i can limet the fps goldeneye will only work on this emu 4 me so i keed help:1964:
  9. drew69

    How The Hell Do U Get Ultrahle

    how do u get ultraHLE 2 work i got tha file it all ways asks 4 but when i run a rom nuthing hapends and yes i am this thick
  10. drew69

    oh god wont some one hellp me

    when i play goldeneye on Supra it works fine apart from it dosent save after i complet mishions oh god y y can any one help go on u know u wanna. also im a retard and cant spel soz