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  1. fab2k

    32bit CPU vs 64bit CPU

    hi guys its been some time since my last visit anyway i saw knuckles new awsome topic about 64bit dual core cpu screen shots and i was wondering would there b a big difference if it was a 32bit dual...
  2. fab2k

    A New GameCube Emulator (Gekko)

    A new gc emulator is being developed called Gekko Checkout this new gc emulator @
  3. fab2k

    Street Fighter 3rd Strike Problem

    Hi guys I'm kind of new to dreamcast emulation so plz don't laugh @ my questions I downloaded Street Fighter 3rd Strike (366 mb) for dreamcast and it's cdi image (.cdi) when I mount it on virtual cd (using daemon v4.03) the program says that it's mounted but windows xp doesn't open it (disk...
  4. fab2k

    PS2 Emulator Elf Problem

    hi everyone i need your help, i have 12 ps2 game images (iso) and i use a virtual cd program (fantomcd) to mount those images but when i use the emulator (pcsx2 , nsx2) the game won't run what is an elf and how do you make one from a game image? thanks in advance
  5. fab2k

    A New GameCube Emulator GCEmu

    hi everyone a new gamecube emulator called GCEmu is out it runs at high speed but it still lacks compatablitiy you can check it out @ i need your opinion about it so give me those replies
  6. fab2k

    Cheats For Dolphin

    hi everyone i'm new to this site but i got good knowledge about emulation. but i have a question for you, does dolphin support cheat codes like gameshark or is there a special program for it like the pec (playstation emulator cheater)? hope to get a reply soon and thanks in advance. :bouncy: