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  1. Rewind

    Perfect Dark texture pack WIP [Perfect Dark Forever]

    Hi this is Howardphilips, I asked Rewind to post this WIP texture pack for Perfect Dark, as I am unable to post anything on this forum, not for lack of trying (including with another account). If one of the moderators sees this post and can allow my Howardphilips account to post, that would be...
  2. Rewind

    Mupen64++ Beta

    Hello, Sorry for my bad english but I'm french...;) I don't know if I can talk about this emulator here but there is no dedicated topic. I know the version of Mupen64++ is the beta version , but some people knows if another version will be build or the project is died...? Thanks for...
  3. Rewind

    Turok 2 Seed of Evil

    Turok 2 Seeds of Evil - High Resolution Textures (by Magnio) Special thanks to BFrançois, HyperNono, Emulation64.Fr and the others members. All textures found on the web or created by Filter Forge, if...