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  1. fivefeet8

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Texturing PPSSPP

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    uoYabause 0.3.1 released for Android and Windows

    The Sega Saturn emulator uoYabause, a port of Yabause for Windows, has been updated for both the Android and Windows version. WHATS NEW: Minor bug fixes SEGA rally background music Character is not shown at Asuka 120% and Golden Axe The Duel. Black Screen at 'Dragon Ball Z - Shinbutohden' and...
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    GlideN64 Android Port Current Status

    Gonetz posted an update to the work he's done on the Android port of GlideN64. It's amazing how much work he's done on the port and it shows. Even with the hell that is Android OpenGL drivers. :D Here's my own video I...
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    ePSXe Subpixel Precision in new Update

    The Android version of ePSXe was recently updated and includes a new Subpixel Precision option. I've tested a few games and the difference is quite remarkable. It's similar to what was achieved with the PeteOpenGL2Tweak plugin. There's also a new GTE 64bit Accuracy option as well and a new...
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    Yabause on Android with OpenGLes3 Render

    Enjoy. Running on my Nvidia Shield Tablet. Links provided in the Video to the forum thread to download the apk. You can find the Github repo where it's being developed fairly easily. ;) The developer is no stranger to Sega Saturn emulation(if it's really him). I've also got a few more...
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    Reicast - Dreamcast Emulator on Android

    "This is a fork/rewrite/remix of various versions of nulldc and nulldce" -- drk
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    DraStic - Nintendo DS Emulator on Android Running on Nvidia Shield: Running on various Android hardware:
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    EPSXE 1.8 and Android Version "After a 4 years hiatus, it is finally time for some news about ePSXe's development. ePSXe 1.8.0 is almost finished and is currently in testing phase. If all goes well we expect to release it in a few weeks. This version will include compressed iso support (PBP), SBI...
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    Chankast + kaillera spotted..

    It seems beta testers are testing chankast's kaillera implementation on a few servers. Could be real, or not, but would be pretty cool...
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    New Satourne Version 1.1p released. What'new : ›› Changed plugins specifications, old plugins won't work anymore. For plugin developpement use the new included headers ›› Added correct 4Mb cartridge emulation, final fight revenge and dungeon and dragons collection work. ›› Added a hack system...
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    N64 emulation Screenshot Competition at the Ngemu boards!! I'd like to see some submissions from all you N64 emulation freaks over here. Or just check out the shots made by the members there. ;)
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    Running games from CD on Girigiri in Winxp. ;)

    1. go to your settings control panel add/remove programs menu. 2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu. You should see some japanese text with "XP" in it. Uninstall it. 3. Use the girigiri loader found here: 4. Choose the game region, your cd drive, and...
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    Satourne 1.01p is out with new plugins!! enjoy. Finally, GAmepad configuration!!! :holiday: :holiday:
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    Geforcefx5900 Ultra previews.. Several hardware sites have started their previews of these new Nvidia video cards.. Looks interesting.. but I'll wait for a full review.. Check out those quake3 benches.. :D The 5900u doesn't even flinch..
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    N64 games, 1024x768, glnintedo64, 8sxFSAA!!

    Using the newest RC Rivatuner, new FSAA options are available for use.. 8sxFSAA is now available for OGL when before it was only available for d3d.. 12xFSAA and a 2x2 FSAA option are also now available for d3d.. I think 8sxFSAA on OGL is the best of em.. These N64 games were all taken at the...
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    Radiant Silvergun(J) Treasure

    Running on the Girigiri Sega Saturn Emulator from Sega.. Still one of the best SHMUPS around..
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    Glide64 WIP update and download..

    Posted on the Glide64 homepage: February 6, 2003 - another birthday release. Today is my birthday, and I decided to do a little present for me and for you - new release of Glide64! I had not much time to work on the plugin, so there are not so many changes in this version: Ucode detected...