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  1. CanSee

    Best GFX plugin for Mupen on Linux?

    Hello! I recently switched to Linux. What's the best GFX plugin for Mupen on Linux? I mean, you can't use Glide64 plugin on it, can you? I really would love to use it though. Framebuffer is desirable, though not really necessary TNX
  2. CanSee

    Broken Sword 2

    Heeeeeelp! Broken Sword 2 (PAL) hangs when loading in ePSXe 1.6 right after the FMV intro I'd use other emus, but so far: PSXeven had graphical issues (w/ each plugin) and SSSPSX too. I'm using: -ePSXe 1.6 -sound off -Lewpy's Glide plugin (latest)
  3. CanSee

    (ePSXe) FF8 bug?

    Dunno if there's a sollution to this on the board already, but after the scene where the missiles miss the Garden Centre, where it takes off to the sky (on CD2 BTW) the Headmaster asks me to go and check for the students. When I leave to the rooftop, an FMV appears showing the surrounding and...
  4. CanSee

    Chrono Cross PAL sux on my PC :(

    Hi, got a prob, Chrono Cross (PAL) hangs whenever I select "ELEMENTS" during battle. PLS help me, really would like to play that game... I use ePSXe 1.6, latest Lewpy's Glide plug, switching to other plugins won't help, as well as switching on/off sound or playing either from CD or ISO. ?
  5. CanSee

    Buying new PC / ATI or nVidia?

    thought of buying a new PC; I am rarely gaming, mostly EMU For graphic design, would an ATI or GeForce card be better? (refering to colors, gamma value, etc.) or is that the same? There are ATI Radeon VIVO cards for the 9200 series. What about 9600? Do some models have VIVO? What about nVidia...
  6. CanSee

    GB Player questions

    Hi :> I've seen this GB Player commercial with Donkey Kong Country running. What kind of filtering does this device use ? I mean, it must be really scaled and logically it wouldn't look that good. Any1 knows ?
  7. CanSee

    A ROM dilemma...

    Hi there... Just wanted to know, whether it would be illegal to download [U] or [J] roms, if I have all [E]s... Also, would it be legal to download hacked and trainer added roms while only having the original non-enhanced cartridges... :n64:
  8. CanSee

    RAM increase influencing emulation ?

    I'd like to know if I would get more framez if I'd increase my RAM, or it emulation more depending on the processor ? I use 1964 very often, with Glide64 and No Audio. :P Note: LOL, could some1 PLS move this to General N64 Emulation, I'm such a morone :D My vision's a bit blurry at night...
  9. CanSee

    The best RPG shots

    I call you all to polish your screenshot buttons and deliver us a decent gallery of the most exciting RPG moments ! System doesn't actually matter :>
  10. CanSee

    N64 games make-up...

    Hi ! I´m just wondering whether it´s possible to see video plugins that´ll totally make up N64 games (eg. include pixel/vertex shaders or FSAA in Zelda, or similar) like eg. ZSNES or ePSXe are in habbit of "tuning" games... What do you guys think ? ::CanSee::
  11. CanSee

    ROM dumping... HOWTO

    Hi every1 Maybe this isn´t the right place, but maybe it also is, since the N64 uses cartridges. I just wanted to know how ROMs are bing dumped. I know there were devices on the black market for the Amiga that could read Gameboy cartridges in order to emulate them. They were plugged into the...
  12. CanSee

    Resident Evil 2

    Anyone tried to run Resident Evil 2 ? If so, PLS tell me every result you had, with every emulator, it´s really important, since it´s the only RE2 version my eyes can take... :)
  13. CanSee

    Pseudo GC EMU

    Yeah, on KaZaA there are downloads of GC emulators and games, but the funny thing is that a game only has about 800 KB... strange... O_o
  14. CanSee

    Sprite issues...

    I kinda noticed that whenever I emulate N64 games sprites look crappy. Especially on UltraHLE Mischief Maker has minor but ugly GFX issues, like I´d play a SNES game in 320x240 fullscreen without filters. Is it due to my Voodoo 3, which has usually some "washed up" textures and 16bit rendering...
  15. CanSee

    Resident Evil 2 & Perfect Dark emu patching

    Hi :> This is my first post to the emutalk so far, and I just wanted to ask, whether there are sites where I could probably view the progress of certain ROMs being patched for N64 emulators, especially Resident Evil 2 and Perfect Dark... This is ONLY of technical interest... TNX ::[ CanSee...