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  1. t0rek

    Wow Time Flies!

    Hope you are doing well. Send me an invite to me as well :)
  2. t0rek

    Wow Time Flies!

    Just my regular check in. Hope you guys are doing well!
  3. t0rek

    Unable to Run Fullscreen

    After all this years I feel like a newbie again. I just downloaded Project 64 2.2 and whenever I try to go Fullscreen I only see weird dots. I´m running Windows 10, and I never tried the emu on it before (I somehow suspect the problem is OS related). Attached you will find an screenshot. Any...
  4. t0rek

    New SSD drive recommendation

    So my SSD drive died yesterday al of sudden, it was a OCZ Vertex 4. I was browsing the web and doing stuff and suddenly the computer restarted, no blackscreen,no nothing. When the PC restarted the classic BIOS message "No OS found in any drive" whas posted. So the SSD wasn't even detected in...
  5. t0rek

    Ivy Bridge Stock Fan

    Is it just me or the Ivy Bridge Stock fan for the Core i5 is very loud? I am thinking to replace it, what do you guys say?
  6. t0rek

    My girlfriend is pregnant

    Gentleman, let's celebrate! I'm going to be a father
  7. t0rek

    Windows 7 Beta Thread

    Probably some of you guys already checked some of the reviews out there, so I'm just gonna share my experience. The thing gave me a clean device manager (no yellow warning signs of unknown devices). The thing is VERY STABLE, no BSODs, sudden reboots or weird behavior. The exception is that...
  8. t0rek

    QoS Software

    I'm looking for a software that allows me to use Skype, or browse the web without closing utorrent, in other words give priority to some ports over others. Do you guys know something about it?
  9. t0rek

    Remote Desktop / VNC problems

    I can't access my PC via Remote Desktop or VNC. Remote desktop doesn't give any error at all, the logon page doesn't come and when I psush the "Connect" button nothing happens. VNC in the other hand gives me a timeout error. However I can access other computers using both programs. Regarding...
  10. t0rek

    Computer to LCD connection

    Here's the case: A LCD TV has HDMI, VGA and component inputs. So what's the best way to get the best image from a computer, using a VGA cable? using the component video cables or using a DVI to HDMI adapter?
  11. t0rek

    I'm not safe from MPAA/RIAA attacks here...

    Two of my friends got disconnected from their ISP, they were told they were using their connections for breaking the copyright laws. They were somehow scared. It's illegal here to invade people privacy via Internet, and the ISP doesn't have the stuff needed to watch the traffic (there are only...
  12. t0rek


    Is there anyway to get this video?
  13. t0rek

    Any Tips for perfect HD video playback in the PC?

    Just wondering if you guys can share your experience in the matter, specially for x264 playback. I currently use Media Player Classic and CoreAVC. Any tweaks for them, or maybe other options? What do you guys do?
  14. t0rek

    POP Two Thrones at 1280x1024

    I'm wondering if there is a way to play POP: Two Thrones at 1280x1024. I used a fix for Sands of Time and Warrior Within, but I can't find anything on this one.
  15. t0rek

    Windows Search 4.0

    I just saw this as optional in Windows Update (XP) so installed it. So my questions are? does it have any impact on performance? how much space in the HDD takes the index? Any tips about it?
  16. t0rek

    Just watched "The Dark Knight"

    Alright, this is not a review, just a few thoughts. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE! Is the best supere hero movie ever made. Heath Legder was great as the Joker, it takes the charcter to another level, a darker style, better than Jack Nicholson. In fact I think that Ledger will receive a post humous Oscar...
  17. t0rek

    CSS Stuff

    OK guys, I have to somehow take all the text from this shitty page: ... and put in in a decent template like this one: I have a very basic HTML knowlodge, so I need a kinda handy CSS editor for...
  18. t0rek

    I got a trojan =/

    I need your help guys, I'm in the middle of the uni finals and I'm not in the mood for re-formating and installing windows again from scratch. I somehow got a Trojan. Dunno why, I haven't installed any new programs nor cracks. I scanned my PC with NOD32 without results. I tried with Hikackthis...
  19. t0rek

    Download Day

    Common guys, pledge for it, and have a happy download and browsing experience. The download day will be on june 17th so please go for it!
  20. t0rek


    Hello! Where I can get t3h ROMS? (April's Fools)