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    Action Replay Codes

    How do i use the gameshark codes that came with dolphin.
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    Dolphin Latest. Error Fixes and Req Hard Ware And Drivers.

    Orig Posted At Ngemu. Hardware Req Video Card: ATi Radeon 9200/Nvidia Geforce 6200 128-256MB With Shadders 2.0 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or ADM Athlon 64X 2.0ghz Processors. Ram 756MB-8GB DDr2 Ram. Hard Drive: 10GB space for games and emu. Systems: Windows Xp/Vista 32Bit Or 64Bit Thats...
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    Super Mario Sunshine No Audio

    I cant seem to get any audio in sms. Any idars why.
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    Vista Ultimate 32Bit Speed

    I found out that 32bit vista runs games 2 or 3 fps faster then XP i tested it and found my laptop runs the emu games faster then my pc i will post some screen shots of the fps later when i get home from school i need to put my laptop away now.
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    Massive Cheat File

    This is my cheat file it has tones of cheats for Super Smash and yes umlimted jump code and more paper mario and more so add this to your PJ64 folder and enjoy playing with it. Cheat file at link. Link Removed: Gent Cheats For. . Super Smash Brothers . Paper Mario . Super Mario 64 . Mario...
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    Zelda OOT Problem

    When i beat ganon on OOT just as soon as i have to get off the tower my game crashes the error i get ROM Mapping Space Please Cheak Setting or somthing like that is there a way to fix it
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    Nintendo 64 Consoles Specs

    If a admin such and so wants it removed just PM me even a normal member can warn me. Thease arnt mine but they might come in handy for video developers what the nintendo 64 specs are in the console. Go here Link.
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    Extracting texture out of the game.

    How do u do it i cant use dolphin it's way to slow and it crashes even with the lang changed so is there any other ways on doin it. Extracting textures.
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    Mario Party Retexture Help

    I dont know what files u can retexture in mario party 1 2 and 3 can some one help me find out how to do it cos im goin to do mario party games.
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    How To Get Paper Mario 64 To Work Right.

    I will explain how to get Paper Mario to work right. Ok first the plug ins. Glide64 Mudlords Rice Handy. Ok with Project64 1.6 first you get Glide64 or Rice Heres the Links. New GlideHQ - Now with hi-resolution texture pack support...
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    Gray Screen SSBM

    How can i fix this problem i have followed all guides and looked in all foums related to this emu and still im getting a 0.0 video can anyone help me my specs are in my sig. I added a pic to show you guys.:(
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    Super Mario 64 *Elites Hi-Res Pack*

    SSB Texture Pack In Progress. Iv started a SSB pack first off i'l tell what iv done so far. Attack and Effects: 98% Levels: 1% Players: 0% I will put these screen shot on and take a look at it.
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    Super Mario Texture Pack.

    I am starting a SM texture pack may look bad but im still working on it ok i added a screen shot of what i have started see if you like it.:bouncy: