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    N64 emulation better than the actual hardware?

    I just bought a genuine n64, and it clearly runs worse than My PC emulator. I got paranoid, thinking my n64 was faulty. Can anyone tell me if things like framerate are better on PC's?
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    DSOrganize Final help

    When I boot the program, it just says " Initializing Dsorganize. Trying super card SD." I deleted the .gba and files, and i put the stub in the root of my sd card and my dsO folder. Any help?
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    version 0.2 drum machine?

    I know there is a version out that supports the GBA movie player, but is the slot 1 version of the uprgaded drum machine with touch support out yet?
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    DCK3 freezes every time on SnemulDS

    Every time i beat the 1st stage on the 3rd world(the water level), the game crashes every time. Any help/suggestions?
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    QuakeDS shareware?

    It says im missing the shareware wad. I downloaded the shareware demo, but i dont see the shareware wad. Any help?
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    Okiwi web broswer?

    I cant tell by the website if it can be downloaded yet. Has anybody tried downloading it?
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    dsdoom help

    Whenever i try to p[lay other wads that i have, they dont work. Im not sure what files i need to take out and what files to put in to play other wads. Any help?
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    260/115 in one nes file?

    Okay, i found this ne file that says it has 260 games in one. When i try to run it on NESDS, it doesnt work. I hear that the file cant be beyond 3mb. So i get 115 in one, and that is 3mb, and that doesnt run. Any help?
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    Best GB/GBC emu FOR DS

    I guess i wasnt very specific, so heres another question: What is the best GB/GBC emulator for DS, in terms of compatability and gameplay speed?
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    What is the best SNES emulator?

    I have SNEmulDS, and it works pretty good, but how is it compared to Snezzids in terms of compatavility and speed?
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    Roms not being recognized by m3 for SNEmulDS...

    Okay, i think i patched the SNEmulDS.nds file with the CF dldi file,= for the m3, and put the roms in my root directory, AND put it in a folder called SNES. The emu says there are no roms. Any help?
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    Pilot wings 64 low FPS

    When i play thins game, everything goes about 15-30 fps, and i can run other games just fine(57-60 fps) Any help?
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    what is better? The m3 simply, or the for the ds

    I know they are very similar, but which one is better?
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    Any way to play ds games AND other emulators on my ds?

    Im not sure if this is in the right section(im new) but i have a question: What do i need to get in order to be able ro play ds roms on my ds, as well as other emulators, such as nes, snes, etc...
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    Is there any way to play animal crossing on my computer?

    Im kinda new, and i dont know much about GC emulation, so im wondering: Is there any way yo play animal crossing on my computer? If so, is it worth it?(i mean is it playable, good framerate, etc...) Thanks