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    wich *.arc file for regular Link in Twilight Princess?

    I'm playing around with Twilight Princess in the great bmdview2 program, and it's very good. But it's hard to find the right (r)arc files in Gc-tools. I found that all (most) the animations for Link are stored in AlAnm.arc And I found that they work for sumo link in alSumou.arc and Zora armor...
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    (regular) cheatcodes in Dolphin?

    I have a question: do (regular) cheatcodes work in Dolphin? I know in some emulators they have a built-in cheat list (as part of the emulator) that you can activate for some games, but that's not what I mean, I know Dolphin doesn't have that (yet?). I mean the cheatcodes that are for the actual...