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  1. refraction

    VC++ .Net 2003 Problem

    Im having a bit of trouble with a filetypes problem atm, its really strange, the dev environment will open .cpp and .h files, but not .c or .hpp files, it opens like it should then just says "Shortcut to "blahblah" cannot be opened", but if i rename the files to .cpp or .h they will open...
  2. refraction

    Fully working Chankast V1!!! :D

    Carlsberg dont do threads, but if they did, it would probably be be the best thread in the world. :P
  3. refraction

    Doc for anyone wanting to program an emu

    just had a read, 157 pages of bliss! explains all concepts and optimisations of emulators, from the basics all the way up to dynamic recompilers and binary translation!! truely brilliant! enjoy :)
  4. refraction

    limiting emu speed in c++

    what code do i need to detect the speed of a processor an limit the speed of emulation, for instance chip 8 runs WELL too fast on todays pcs, wanted to know what code i could use to slow it down so its a playable speed. cheers