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  1. Van Halen Man

    Sound Plugin for 007 The world is not enough?

    Is there an audio plugin for 007 the world is not enough that fixes the speech glitch?
  2. Van Halen Man

    Is this Computer Fast enough?

    I was just wondering if a computer with the following specs is fast enough to emulate DC: Processor: Intel Pentium IV (~2.5 to 2.8 GHz) Graphics: 128 mb (onboard + shared) Memory: 384 (512 - the shared 128 for graphics) (I plan to buy 2 512 sticks so ill end up with 896...
  3. Van Halen Man

    DVD drive dosnt read gc disk? and...

    I put the GC disk in my dvd drive and nothing happens. I dont know how to see what kind of dvd drive it is but I think it is some sort of toshiba... And while your here, I have another question. I was just wondering if my computer would be fast enough to emulate GC. I have: 1 gig of ram Nvidia...
  4. Van Halen Man

    Rice's Pluggins support Full Screen?

    Howdy, I tried playing Star Fox 64 with 1964 and noticed that there was no sound and played it with PJ64 and noticed that there was sound, even when the same audio pluggins were used with both. Any ways, I decided I would just try to play it with PJ64, but I don't have the fastest system at the...
  5. Van Halen Man

    I was just wondering......

    If there is ANY way to play against the computer in a battle in Mario Kart 64.
  6. Van Halen Man

    Best Plugin for Mario Tennis?

    My question is pretty obvious based on the title of the thread. What is the best plugin for mario tennis?
  7. Van Halen Man

    Cheat : "Modifier"

    What are the Modifiers for? Like in Oot, there are item modifiers and bottle modifiers and what not and I dont know what to do with these cheats. What are they?
  8. Van Halen Man

    Network Netplay?

    Is it possible to use say kiallera to play on a network instead of internet? Or is there any other network netplay proram of some sort?
  9. Van Halen Man

    Perfect Dark Help

    I am at the skedar ruins level and I can't use the IR scanner for the second objective, so I dont know where to blow a hole in the wall to enter the "shrine". If anybody knows what I am talking about and knows what to do, could you please help me so I can just skip having to use the IR scanner...
  10. Van Halen Man

    possible to speed up Glide 64?

    Is there any way to make glide 64 run faster?
  11. Van Halen Man

    Any way to get Rouge Squadron to work?

    Is there any way to get this rom to work? (Starwars Rouge Squadrom)
  12. Van Halen Man

    Perfect Dark IR scanner

    I am using the default plugin Jabo d3d 8 somethin' and the IR scanner dosnt work. it is clossest to workin with this pluggin and isnt even close with any of the other ones I have tried. Some help here would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Van Halen Man

    Glide 64

    When I try to use glide 64 it says that it cant find glide3x.dll, even though it IS there. What should I do about this?
  14. Van Halen Man

    Perfect Dark Black Sky

    There are a few levels in Perfect dark where the sky is black and I can just tell that it isnt supposed to be. Some of my specs are in the pokemon snap thread and I dont think that they are the problem. Is there some pluggin that will fix this?
  15. Van Halen Man

    Pokemon Snap picutres black

    After I go through the level and everything, and I am showing the pictures to Professor Oak, all of the pictures are black, the pluggin I am usin' is Jabo D3D 8 something, it is the default one. I have a gig of ram and 256 MB on my gfx. card. and I am using win XP. Oh yeah and my processor is an...
  16. Van Halen Man


    I have a decent speed laptop (HP pavilion zt1000 series. Specs= 1.4GH processor, 240mb RAM OS=Windows XP Pro. what is the fastest GC emulator?
  17. Van Halen Man

    how would a ds emulator work?

    how would a ds emu work with the stylus? Would it just use the moust for the touch screen?
  18. Van Halen Man

    Home run thing in Super Smash Bros Melee

    What were all of your high scores in this. I had somewhere around 16,000 feet I think. I would look to see exactly what I had, but I lost it. It was my VERY FAVORITE game ever, and I lost it. But now a days I could buy another one for cheap, but what will happen is I will buy it and then I...
  19. Van Halen Man

    Unicorn Fountain?

    What ever happened to the unicorn fountain project that someone was making? I know I read things about it here, but I forget the name of the person who was making it. I think it started with a "J". Is he still making it?
  20. Van Halen Man

    Not whole screen in majoras mask

    When I play this game I can't see the bottom of the screen, like how many rupees I have. I can only see the top of the clock on the bottom. Could this happen because it is possibly a bad rom? Or if not how do I fix this annoying problem?