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  1. Clements

    Jario 64 - New Open Source Java N64 Emulator

    Something that may interest people here - a new open source Java N64 emulator without a ROM database or specific game hacks in the core:
  2. Clements

    Wonder Project J 2 Translation by Ryu

    Ryu released a translation patch for Wonder Project J 2, an Enix RPG for N64. The patch translates the beginning of the game only at the moment. I've attached the comparison shots. The homepage for this patch is below, which has the download link for the patch. Make sure you read the readme...
  3. Clements

    Transparency AA now officially available to GeForce 6 series users

    Until about a week or so ago, NVIDIA's Transparency AA was exclusively available to GeForce 7 series owners only. Now, with the 91.47 official Forceware driver, TSAA can be enabled via Performance and Quality Settings in the old CP or various tweak utilities such as NVTray with all NVIDIA 6...
  4. Clements

    PJ64 1.6 Minor bug

    % CPU usage is messed up on systems that have dual/multi-core processors:
  5. Clements

    Snes9x 1.5 released!

    Snes9x was updated recently and is available from ipher's mirror: Note that the Windows Port of Snes9x is no longer maintained, so the emulator is now Linux and Mac only. For the Windows version of Snes9x, try using Snes9x 1.43 improvement9 instead. Changes: *...
  6. Clements

    Yay! Just got my results today

    Upper Second with Honours ;)
  7. Clements

    EmuTalk Frappr (Google Maps)

    I've created a Frappr for Emutalk, with which you can add yourself and you will appear on the Google map. Here is the link: We will be able to see where EmuTalk members come from! :P Edit: Updated to included our logo and summary of our site.
  8. Clements

    64th Note 1.0 Beta 13 Released

    Category: <b>Nintendo 64</b><br><br>A new beta build of 64th Note the USF plugin for Winamp has been released. Here is the changes for 1.0 Beta 13. * added alternate fade types (linear, log, cos) * cleaned out unused options * added "Track" field to USF Info window * changed "Tagger" to "Tagged...
  9. Clements

    ZSNES 1.42n Released

    Category: <b>SNES</b><br><br>ZSNES 1.42n has been released, a build of ZSNES based on an earlier WIP designed specifically for improved netplay. I am pleased to announce the release of a new ZSNES build for more stable netplay. Most of the thanks for this goes out to pagefault who fixed stack...
  10. Clements

    PCSX2 0.8 Released

    PCSX2 0.8 has been released, this time with a SSE build. Changes: Get it from the Official site:
  11. Clements

    My 6800 Ultra arrived :)

    I bought a BFG 6800 Ultra OC from ebay shipped from the good ol' United States for a mere £246 (a price almost unheard of in the UK). The difference between this and my old FX 5600 is night and day even in simple games like UT2k4. Everything runs so nicely, including all the NVIDIA tech demos...
  12. Clements

    Fusion 3.0 (Maple) released

    SteveSnake has updated Fusion to v3 (Maple) and here are the changes: <br /><font class="post_quote">* Fixed problem with 32X PWM when changing SampleRate. * Added Genesis Border Colour Emulation, and option to disable it. * Small fix to 6 button pad code (Double Switch - thanks...
  13. Clements

    VisualBoyAdvance 1.8.0 beta

    VisualBoyAdvance 1.8.0 beta has been released, but I'm not sure on the changes though. You can pick it up at: Personally, I think kode54's builds are better. You can find the latest here:
  14. Clements

    Kega Fusion Graphics Filters

    KarLKoX has released a new batch of Kega Fusion Filters which are just awesome. There are 18 (!) filters in the zip: 2xSaI Bilinear BilinearPlus Eagle hq2x hq3x hq4x lq2x lq3x lq4x Scale2x Scale3x Scale4x ScanLineTv Super2xSaI SuperEagle SuperScale75 SuperScale Since their are hosting...
  15. Clements

    Creative Audigy LS, worth a buy?

    I have seen a Creative Audigy LS for a very cheap price, and I was wondering if it is worth it, about £18 or so. I currently own onboard sound which is some AC97 codec which supports 5.1 speakers, but saps my CPU and isn't all that great in quality. The best thing about it is that the drivers...
  16. Clements

    New GBA Sound Format, GSF!

    Well, we just had the awesome USF format that's really taking shape, but newly released is Highly Advanced, another WinAMP plugin - this time for Gameboy Advance - to join the ranks of SnesAMP, 64th Note and Highly Experimental as essential to console music fans. Many games have their sound...
  17. Clements

    8304 spyware objects!

    Today, the dubious award of 'Most spyware objects found on a single workstation at my university' goes to workstation #347 in the corner of one of the computer rooms with a massive 8304 spyware objects detected, of which 98 couldn't be removed. It took about 20mins to complete the scan, and a...
  18. Clements

    Star Fox 2 translation complete!

    If you didn't know already, Aeon Genesis has released their Star Fox 2 translation, which not only translates the game, but also fixes bugs, removes unused stuff as well as debug stuff. If you want to patch your game, then make sure you check the readme. You're advised to use Snes9x 1.41-1 or...
  19. Clements

    FAQ: How do I get Glide64, Direct64 or Rice's Video to work with Project64?

    This question comes up many times so here is the solution to these problems. To get Rice's Video to work with Project64, you need to copy msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll into PJ64's main folder first. These files may be obtained with the 1964 0.9.9 bundle. You also need to put BMGlib.dll and...
  20. Clements

    Pokemon Mini Emulation & Homebrew

    Yep, that tiny console that Ninty quietly released is in the process of being emulated right now, with an emulator imaginatively called Pokemon Mini Emulator. The interesting part is the homebrew games that are being developed, including a mini Metroid clone. I tried the emu and it seems to be...