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    lxdream -0.83 released

    Hi lxdream -0.83 released. Here is the changelog: bye
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    lxdream update

    Hi, with the latet svn build of lxdream you can run finally linux with the emulator on your *nix box. :bouncy: More updates are: bye
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    lxdream x86-64 and Mac OS X ports released

    Hi, today lxdream x86-64 and Mac OS X ports released Also svn is up for testing daily/weekly submits. Cia
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    lxdream 0.8.1 released

    Hi, today lxdream, a dc emulator for linux /bsd*/ macox(?) released. Here is the change log: * Fix configure script to abort if it doesn’t find a required library (eg, or * Add checks to the configure script for linux/cdrom.h, and avoid building the...
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    lxdream 0.8 released

    Hi lxdream a dreamcast emulator for linux released. Bye
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    Ricevideo 6.10 source

    Can sb post hacks ricevideo 6.10 port sourcecode please? I would like to build it on my *bsd box. thank you
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    gcube linux/mac ox gui

    Because Monk is working again. Here is my gui I've written in 5 minutes. Two differen gui-libs are used FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK)) and QT ( The fltk version depends on fltk-1.x.x and the qt version depends on qt-3.3. I hope it is is useful for you. Don't ask me how to...
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    Monk is back

    Just want to inform you that monk (gcube author) is back. -> gcube just got digged out of the grave :bouncy: ciu
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    yabause 0.7.1 with freevo

    Just a solution for the freevo users 1. start yabause and configure everything 2 write a script: for image: (edit) #!/bin/sh xterm -e nice --adjustment=-20 /usr/local/bin/yabause --iso=$* -a -f for cdrom: #!/bin/sh xterm -e nice --adjustment=-20 /usr/local/bin/yabause --cdrom=/dev/hdX -a -f...
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    A little freevo solution

    1. Start mupen64 and configure with your favourite plugin. 2. Write a script and save/make it executable: xterm -e nice --adjustment=-20 /path/to/mupen64/mupen64_nogui $* --fullscreen --noask 3. Edit your GAMES_ITEM in your
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    zinc freevo (linux) problem

    Hi I just setup my freevo mediabox. Now I 've a problem with zinc the mouse is still on the screen. I tried alread the xorg prg unclutter, but didn't work. Does any of you have an idea how i could fix this ? ciu
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    size of a image

    i'm new with chankast. my question is: do i have to downsample video and audio of my orig game to use this with chankast?
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    N64 analog repair howto??

    I found a page but doesn't help :down:
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    Just a question

    Are you going to release also an Linux / Frebsd etc source ????? See Ya
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    On little question !

    Can you pleas compile the plugins with gcc 2.9x This would be very very greate! Thank you!
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    Just one question

    How can I compile the source with linux?
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    I need some help

    Hi everyone, Today I tried something out: I took a win dll (glNintendo.dll) and I convert it with the help of Wine to a *.so. The problem is that mupen64 doesn't recognise this *.so. Is this possible that I can use the *.so ??? Please help