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  1. flow``

    put my adaptoid up for auction

    for those looking for one, i threw it up on ebay here -> i didnt advertise it as being available to international buyers, but i trust you guys :) as long as you have good ebay standing and willing to cover tracking/delivery...
  2. flow``

    No rumble w/ adaptoid (vista sp1)

    I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem. I'm running vista sp1 x64 with the latest dx redist (june 08) and dont have any rumble pak support although the controller works fine. I'm sure everything is set up correctly and i've tried a number of plugins and nothing seems to work...
  3. flow``

    Sega Saturn US Game Chart v1.0

    After a few months of buying games and documenting information about them, I bring to my fellow saturn fans my saturn game info chart. It contains almost anything you would everl ike to know for every US retail saturn game. Feel free to take a look and post some feedback. If anyone has the...
  4. flow``

    flow's SSF 0.08 Alpha R2 USA compat list

    Notes: -All netlink games crash, go figure. -I dont have Winning Post so it was the only game not tested. -All games are US region, bin/cue format. -Test on Dell E512 (athlon 3500 / integrated nvidia 6150 / gig of ram) -Thanks to linlhutz at for his list to refer to -took roughly...
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    goodn64 3.11 out..

    Cowering's GoodTools theres no registration required anymore, grab it in their download section as cowering doesn't permit mirroring
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    List any games you've recently bought

    So... list the games you've recently bought and what kind of deal you got (if any) I picked up some saturn games today from ebay, Panzer Dragoon Saga ($125), House of the Dead ($15) and Batman, Virtua Fighter Remix, and Saturn Bomberman for $15 for all three So what have you bought recently...
  7. flow``

    Selling US Saturn Games Round 2! /plug

    Okay i'm back in auction with 100 or so US region, complete, saturn games. They'll be listed on ebay throughout the next few days (20 new each day). Some of the highlights include: Burning Rangers Die Hard Arcade Guardian Heroes Mystaria Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Sega Ages Shining Force III...
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    Selling US saturn collection / plug

    I've begun to get rid of what i've collected over the past few years and have started putting up games on ebay if anyone is interested. I figured 5 bucks was a fair starting price and shipping only covers my expenses (not trying to rip anyone off with $8 dollar shipping or anything) I'm...
  9. flow``

    kx project 3536 drivers out.. creative owners need to read ;}

    as you all know, the drivers offered by creative are.. doggie doo doo for the past year or so i've been using the KX Project drivers instead of creative's for my sb live 5.1 i suggest to those with the creative line of cards to give the new version a try here ->
  10. flow``

    Important notice to all interested..

    Since i can't login to the site (nphp errors..) i'll just post this here. Obviously anyone who's really been interested in the site or the scene has gone other places for news. I havent had near the time i'd like to revamp the entire site or even post news. Not sure if 2fast4u has lot interest...
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    forceASPI 1.8
  12. flow``

    A few driver updates..

    ATI 3.6 first and foremost.. nothing great in them i hear though ( for details) Logi's mouseware updated.. good as always :) .. had to run in Winxp compat mode though to work on win2k3 server.. FOOLS I SAY FOOLS, THOU CANNOT OUTSMART TEH ALMIGHTY USERS! nvidia uploaded the 44.65...
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    Saturn Emulation Screenshots

    This will be the official thread for anyone to show off their screenshots of games from various saturn emulators. It would be helpful to list the game and emulator used as well :) To take screenshots, hit Control+Print Scrrent (above insert key) then paste into MS paint, and save as a PNG or...
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    Regarding the Giri Giri thread..

    Sorry, but many rules we've tried to stay by were broken in the previous thread. I've tried to save what useful info i could and starting a new one with the following disclaimer/info: fivefeet8 stated: Several Sources have stated that the GiriGiri project did infact go commercial.. Sega has now...
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    you know you need a life...

    when you do this:
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    Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-O.06

    sorry i didnt get very far today ;) real life got in the way
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    Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-M.05

    Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-M.05 more entries..
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    Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-L.04

    Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-L.04
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    Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-H.03

    Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-H.03 rename to .ini and throw in your nemu folder report any errors/mistakes/corrections please
  20. flow``

    //Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-D.02

    //Flow``'s Nemu64 0.8 INI v. #-D.02 // // //Thanks to Lac and Lemmy for pulling together a release! // // for further news or information // for all your n64 emulation needs. // // //Specs: //MSI K7T 133a Turbo-R L.E. //AMD Athlon 1600+ //WinXP Pro w/ SP1...