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    DVD driver?

    would it be possible to make a DVD driver to read GC discs (outside-in)?
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    paper mario save problem

    ok so i use *normal* save (not save state), and it was working, and then 1 time i try to load my game, and theres no saves. i was about to go to what ever it is that comes after koopa bros, then i tried loading my old (sucky) save *state* from pj64 v1.5 and then saveing but i still didn't find...
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    pj64 broken?

    i cant get pj64 working after having it work fine for like 2 years. i cant think of anything i did but can anyone help? this is the messages in order when i open pj64
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    Mega Man Glitch

    I was playing Mega Man 64 and when I got to the blumbear tanks I couldn't shoot them. Then I realized I coudn't shoot inside the city. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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    what game is this?

    theres this game where in one part of the game luigi bounces on mario to get to high places and to get to these 2 toads what game is this?
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    Is asking for homebrewn GC roms illigal on this forum?

    Is asking for homebrewn GC roms illigal on this forum?
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    GC snow lords

    i cant get snow lords to work :plain: can ne1 help i've tried dolphin and dolwin but not whinecube yet :yawn: