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    Problems getting games to work in SSF 010 (treats them as CDs)

    For some time I've been using SSF 006 without a problem (apart from slowdown). I decided to give 010 a try, but even though I have set it up the same way (bios etc), instead of playing the game it just recognizes it as a music CD. I mount the game using daemon tools I can even have both SSF...
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    emulators and vista

    I just asked about n64 ones in that forum, but has anyone tested the following? MAME, ZSNES, nestopia, bgb, visualboy advance, ssf, GENS, magic engine, mekaw thats quite a list I know, but this is going to be a big issue in the next year...
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    emulation and vista

    anyone got any idea how n64 and other plugin based emulators (eg for saturn and psx) will work on windows vista- will new emulators/plugins have to be designed?
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    Mario Golf- blue sky's gone away...

    Firstly, I just want to say how great this forum is; I recently started using 1964 to play some old favorites and had problems with 10 out of 15 roms, but an hour here and I had them all working, apart from one minor glitch- I'm using the working [!] U rom with Jabos3D8 1.6 plugin/Legacy Pixel...