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    Mupen64Plus Icons

    It has been mentioned that there are no good icons for Mupen64Plus, So I've decided to make a couple prototype icons (As you'll notice, the quality of the full version is somewhat poor, in relative terms. I can fix it yes, but I just wanted a quick opinion.) Both are 512x512 in full. The...
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    Mupen64Plus Development Blog

    Some developers will be keeping a blog over at BlogSpot [here]. We will address what we are working on and communicate with users about new features and branches.
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    Mupen64Plus for Windows

    More information [here] This is the first release of Mupen64Plus for Windows and Mupen64Plus Build Environment for Windows. The new port is more up to date, can use blight_input, should have less problems with graphics plug ins, and has a better looking GUI. And you can Stop and Go (If you get...
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    Mupen64Plus IRC Channel! Read In For Details

    OkayGo and I setup an IRC channel at FreeNode for Mupen64Plus. Server: Channel: #mupen64plus This place is for any discussion related to the development of Mupen64Plus. You must follow the rules of FreeNode when on this channel (because, of course, FreeNode is the server.)...
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    Windows Port

    Sorry, It is not done yet. This is discussion of it. 1. I will be submitting code soon today. I made a crude port but then realized I wanted to improve the code organization more. 2. The windows port will probably lack a GUI initially. So far, I had gotten it to build but not run. However, I...
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    Devs: MinGW: Give me a hand, I'm getting desperate here.

    [Solved] Devs: MinGW: Give me a hand, I'm getting desperate here. Becoming incredibly obvious, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm trying to compile with Igor's script, working as per usual, however, binutils complains and crashes over makeinfo not being installed. However. On the very same...
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    JTTL's Audio Plugin Work

    I'm trying to do some work with JTTL's Audio Plugin. However I'm having some issues. So far in SVN I have some new features and fixes for it. An option for what resampler your using (None, Linear) and a new resampler option (libsamplerate Best Quality SINC). The new resampler is causing the...
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    Rice Video 6.10 port source code?

    I'm pretty sure the source for this is not available, but since I'm having a few issues porting it myself, I'm wondering if the source can be released since Rice Video's source has been publicly released.
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    Mupen 64bit

    This is a port of Mupen to 64-bit. It contains the port of glN64, RSP, Mupen64 Software Video, JttL's SDL Audio Plugin, Dummy Audio, Mupen64 Audio, Mupen64 Basic Input, And last but not least, the CPU and GUI. The glN64 port is VERY bad - It will get you through games like Kirby64 but it will...
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    Join Mupen

    Last night, I was trying to sign up here to join the projects development team. I sent an email to hacktarux last night because EmuTalk appeared as if it wasn't really sending out emails, but it just took a while and then got placed in my Gmail spam (oops!) So, Basic overview of how i recently...