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  1. Azimer

    AziAudio plugin now on github

    I am now publishing the source code on Github since I am having trouble working on it consistently. Thanks!
  2. Azimer

    Audio v0.70 WIP 4 Feedback

    This is a preview of what I am working on for v0.70. I am happy for the most part with the way the audio code works today. I recommend using the XAudio2 plugin. I plan on deprecating DirectSound if there's no demand for it. I am having much better luck simulating AI emulation with XAudio2...
  3. Azimer

    Audio v0.60 Feedback

    I decided it was time to start working on audio emulation again. Here is the latest and it should give you a preview of things I hope to accomplish. Please leave feedback in this thread. + New Audio Code + New Config Dialog (it doesn't save yet) - No new HLE work Enjoy! Azimer HLE Audio...
  4. Azimer

    N64 Audio

    As many know I've been away from development for awhile. I've been looking over my audio plugin and it's seperated into two sections, the HLE processing and the streaming audio code. I pretty much have a handle on what needs to be done for HLE processing (MusyX/Bug Fixes). What I need to know...
  5. Azimer

    Laptop advice

    I am looking for a good place to purchase a solid laptop. Are there any recommendations? I am particularly looking for a development machine that would be capable of running the most demanding of emulators at a decent speed. I have been so out of touch with computer hardware, what would be...
  6. Azimer

    This forum needs a post!

    Where is the party at in the emulation scene? I know I feel terribly out of touch with everyone and everything involving emulation. What has everyone been up to? The last year has been quite interesting for me. Unfortunately I can't discuss most of it in a public forum. I have come to a...
  7. Azimer

    So I cancelled my WoW account...

    So after logging nearly 120 days /played on my World of Warcraft account, I decided to hang it up. With the 1.11 patch, my Shaman class outlook as gone from bad to worse. Within recent weeks, we've been told there will be no futher updates until after the expansion. I took a hard honest look...
  8. Azimer

    WoW - Shaman Item list

    As many of you know, I am an active WoW player. Unfortunately, I've screwed up my website/password and didn't feel like bugging admins to help me fix it until I am ready to begin work on my projects again. This might be useful to some of our gamers here anyway. I promised a guild member I...
  9. Azimer

    Audio v0.56 WIP2 Download/Feedback

    Here's what's new in this bug fix release (From readme.txt) *** v0.56 WIP 2 *** - Bug Fix release... nothing much new - Finally received Project64 1.6 - Hydro Thunder and Tarzan work well by using Project64 1.6's - Fixed those nasty SP_DMA_READ Errors - Fixed hangups in all roms which worked...
  10. Azimer

    Audio v0.56 WIP 1 Feedback

    Please post your comments and feedback here. You can find the file to download here.
  11. Azimer

    Website / Audio WIP information

    Keep in mind, my website is down right now. I believe the the Domain Name expired. I will likely just move it to to save the site some money if there is room on their DNS. Otherwise, it's time to find a new home. Either way, I am going to make a small audio update soon...
  12. Azimer

    Rules Discussion / Complaints

    Please post any complaints or discussion on the rules here.
  13. Azimer


    Since there are threads about the rules all over the place consider this thread as a last warning. The moderators have any right to close your thread, edit/delete your post or even BAN you if you don't follow these rules: DO NOT Ask for ROMs or ISOs Post links that lead to ROMs or ISOs Ask...
  14. Azimer

    N64 Rom Images

    This post is for N64 Rom Hackers, or developers who have tinkers with the internals of a Rom image. I am curious about the structure of a N64 rom image... most importantly where the code is located. I am speculating, the rom starts with code and ends with data. This however could be very...
  15. Azimer

    XBox2 general hardware layout

    I found an interesting GIF file about the XBox2's general hardware layout. It looks very standard, however. I noticed a 3 processors machine (expecting 64bit IBM PPCs) and a 500Mhz ATI chip. I guess the optimistic release date is xmas or early 2005. Now I have to ask. HOW MUCH IS THIS?!! A...
  16. Azimer

    PC: Counter-Strike Condition Zero - The game is in no release condition

    Counter-Strike is a mod for Half-Life by Valve and published by Sierra. Counter-Strike Condition Zero is a standalone game released just a few days ago. If you see this game on store shelves, do not purchase it. It's priced at $39.95 (but some places $29.95) and what you get is Half-Life +...
  17. Azimer

    Azimer's Audio v0.55.1?? Source (Jan-12-2004)

    Get it at the apollo page. Discuss the source here.
  18. Azimer

    Apollo v0.10 Source (Jan-12-2004)

    Download from the Apollo site. Discuss the source here...
  19. Azimer

    Twisted Edge Audio Problem

    This is intended for those who are working in N64 Emulation. The Twisted Edge/King Hill 64 game seems to have a TLB problem that prevents Audio from working in the game. Here is the symptom. When the game gets 6 audio buffers sent, the game goes into a TLB miss exception. The TLB is valid...
  20. Azimer

    Hydrothunder with Audio

    It is possible... Counter Factor = 2 Let RSP do HLE Audio Cache as selfmod detection No need for TLB Sync game to Audio in the Audio plugin config (if available) Use the attached EXE Addon: SideNote: I guess gent said Tarzan is fixed too. Not sure. :)