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  1. CCTEX

    Windows 10 Laptop w/ Nvidia Card + 4k Screen Setup (includes C button detection fix)

    After much trial, error and failure, I finally have a fully stable and playable Project64 setup on my new laptop, the settings of which I will share for those who may have a similiar hardware/software setup. Laptop Specs: Microsoft Windows 10 (x64) b. 17134.112 Intel Core i7-6700HQ Intel HD...
  2. CCTEX

    Wild Wiener!

    Hey forum, It's been awhile since I was working on the texture upscaling for MK64 with NES_player4LIFE. I wanted to share my new mobile game that just came out yesterday on Android and iOS called Wild Wiener! It stars my actual dachshund and it's a lot of fun; albeit maddeningly difficult. Let...
  3. CCTEX

    HighResEaser 1.7

    HighResEaser 1.7 CCTEX MOD 9/27/15 HighResEaser 1.7 CCTEX MOD is here, more powerful, more user-friendly! microdev's amazing HighResEaser (1.4 last official version) saves users a ton of time. My modifications of HRE on this thread serve to save you even more time with new features ranging...
  4. CCTEX

    (Tool) CCTEX Texture Parse

    4/13/15 Version 2.0b Change Log: -Support for ANY dumped texture (previously limited to Mario Kart 64 Characters) -Custom filename suffix (ie _all, RGBA etc) can be appended, defined by user in main dialog -Ability to copy desired processing directory path directly from clipboard without the...
  5. CCTEX

    Possible new way to texture Mario Kart Characters with zip

    I've used some of the awesome textures packs on here for a while, and was inspired to take a stab at it for myself when I noticed the MK 64 characters had yet to be textured. I've never worked on anything like this before, so forgive me if any of this information is not completely accurate. As I...