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  1. Orkin

    Direct64 v0.5.03.25

    Here's a new version of Direct64. I had hoped to get a few more fixes and features in (like hi-res texture support), but RealLife™ got in the way. I have removed the ALPHA status, and switched to a new version numbering scheme to better track version changes. Anyways, here's what's new: Changed...
  2. Orkin

    Look at?

    Can anyone help me out with the gSPLookAtX and gSPLookAtY commands? I thought I had it figured out, but now I'm not so sure. At first I thought they were used to specify vectors (through the Light structure) that define a new coordinate system, that could then be used to build a matrix to...
  3. Orkin

    Direct64 v0.5 ALPHA

    For the past few months I've been working on a DirectX 9 plugin that uses the latest features of today's GPUs to get as close to the N64 as possible. That plugin is called Direct64 (original name, huh?). I had planned on getting more much done on this before releasing, but it's been so long...
  4. Orkin

    It's all blurry!

    YES!!! I finally did it! I finally got motion blur working in MM! It took fixing a bug that's been around since glN64 v0.4, plus some improvements to the frame buffer emulation, but it finally works! Here are a few shots of the blurry goodness. Please ignore the FPS, everything...
  5. Orkin

    Super Mario 64 w/hq4x

    I just got hq4x working, and I thought I'd just post a few shots of the results thus far. Right now I'm actually using both hq4x and hq2x, and putting the original, and both scaled versions into mip-maps. I don't know if that's how it'll end up in the final version, but it seems to be working...
  6. Orkin

    Backfacing culling in homogeneous space?

    I was wondering if anyone out there that's better at 3D math than I am (which isn't very good) knows if it's possible to do backface culling after the perspective transformation, in homogeneous space (x,y,z,w)? The reason I ask is because I could get a decent speed boost if I culled away...
  7. Orkin

    Question about N64 combiner

    I'm working on an ARB_fragment_program combiner (which may eventually be expanded to do blending, alpha testing, texture coordinate wrap/mirror/clamp, and noise), but I need to know something about the N64's combiner so I can be sure I've got it 100% correct. Does anyone know if the N64 clamps...
  8. Orkin

    glN64 v0.4

    I have released glN64 v0.4 on the glN64 site. You can get the details there. Let me know what you think, and have fun! Orkin
  9. Orkin

    Truck Dismount

    I just found this fun and addictive free game called Truck Dismount today. It's only 2 megs too. So far I've only gotten to 50k, but I'm still trying... EDIT: I'm up to 105k now :bouncy:
  10. Orkin

    Zelda OOT and glN64 w/Radeon

    You're probably all sick of seeing Zelda OOT shots, but this took some work to pull off, and I'm feeling kinda proud of my accomplishment. Here's Zelda OOT on the unreleased version of glN64 using the improved OpenGL 1.4 combiner (which is actually an OpenGL 1.4/Radeon combiner since it'll...
  11. Orkin

    glNintendo64() v0.4 high-res framebuffer emulation

    Recently I've been working on frame buffer emulation that works without transferring the frame buffer back and forth between the system RAM and video RAM. This results in much better speed, and allows me to leave the resolution in the plugin's resolution instead of scaling it down to the N64's...
  12. Orkin

    glNintendo64() v0.3

    I just posted glN64() v0.3 on my site. All the info's on the site so I won't repeat it here. Let me know what you think of the new version. I'm especially interested in the results people with non-GeForce cards get. I'm kinda coding blind because all I have is a GeForce... :geek: Orkin
  13. Orkin

    glNintendo64() v0.3 (unreleased)

    Here are a few pics of the new glNintendo64() I plan on releasing pretty soon. I've added, changed, and fixed tons of stuff for this version, so lots of games are starting to look real nice. Anyway, here come the shots:
  14. Orkin

    glNintendo64()'s new combiner (Zelda OOT)

    Recently I've been working on redoing the combiner on my plugin, and it's starting to show some very nice results. Besides being more flexible than the old combiner, I've also added a backup mode that uses the much more widely supported EXT_texture_env_combine extension if you don't have a card...
  15. Orkin

    Orkin's OpenGL Plugin

    After studying docs and source code, talking to Dave2001 on IRC, and studying more docs and code, and debuging for an hour only to find I had transposed the U and V coordinates in my struct, I've finally gotten textures to start to show up! It's nowhere near complete (only supports 16-bit...
  16. Orkin

    Writing an OpenGL N64 GFX plugin...having trouble with PJ64...

    Ok, here's the deal. I'm starting an OpenGL GFX plugin for N64 emus (I was doing one in D3D and got pretty far, but now I've decided to move over to OGL), but I'm having trouble getting it to work right with PJ64. I can start a ROM, and it displays fine, but when I try to end the emulation, the...