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  1. Stezo2k

    Cant run dolphin

    Hi there, i'm trying to run the latest build of dolphin but everytime i load it i get plugin errors telling me they're not there and they are. "Error loading DLL plugins/Plugin_nJoy_SDL.dll: the specified module could not be found" "Error loading DLL plugins/Plugin_PadSimple.dll: the specified...
  2. Stezo2k

    PSP games cracked?

    Well i'm not fully sure, but it looks that way people are claiming to be able to run pirated psp games on their unmodified 1.5 psps using a program called fastloader there seems to be games floating about the net especially for this application so i'm guessing its real bad news for sony if it...
  3. Stezo2k

    Firefox 1.05 released

  4. Stezo2k

    Firefox 1.04 Released

    Not much difference in this release, but it fixes a pretty major security hole and also adds extra performance *this is not a beta/nightly build* Download Here:
  5. Stezo2k

    First PSP Games Ripped

    Well i'm not sure myself, but the games are available on the internet by the looks of it.... wonder how long it'll be before the psp gets cracked if it ever does
  6. Stezo2k

    Firefox 1.03 Released

    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 has just been released. A minor update, this version fixes a few security holes and some other bugs. If you're currently using Firefox 1.0.x, you want to install this release. Firefox 1.0.3 is a "branch build" serving as an interim update to Firefox 1.0. It addresses...
  7. Stezo2k

    19 Today :)

    yep its official, i am now 19 today :) going to have a nice few drinks up the pub later with a few mates, gunna be great
  8. Stezo2k

    Nintendo DS Hacked/Cracked...

    Damn.... that was quick, they don't waist any time do they?
  9. Stezo2k

    Half-life 2, where are the Resolution settings kept?

    Finally got the game today, but i selected a too high resolution which my monitor doesn't support, where are the settings kept for the resolution? I've had a look in the cfg folder and couldn't see any resolution settings, i really don't fancy installing it again just to get my monitor to work...
  10. Stezo2k

    Gamecube now fully cracked

    Well it looks like it, the first gamecube modchip has now been released, so we probably will see more homebrew stuff for it and possibly piracy Source: Xbox Scene
  11. Stezo2k

    Doom 3, On a voodoo 2 :O

    Thought i'd saw it all when doom 3 worked full speed at 1024 x 768 on my old geforce 3 but damn, graphics have took a beating on this voodoo 2, but it works full speed lol
  12. Stezo2k

    Big emulation breakthrough?

    Well it looks like it: Source:,1282,64914,00.html
  13. Stezo2k

    Gamecube Hacked?

    Well i'm not sure, but there is this video spreading around bit torrent where this guy tries a dvd-r in the gamecube and it seems to work. I still recon it's a lie though, from the video, it does look like the disc doesn't move anybody else seen this?
  14. Stezo2k

    Chanka Compatability List

    Chankast Official Compatibility List Games have been tested on version 0.25 (new gfx version) of the emulator, capcom games require the capcom setting remember, as for AV error messages, use the NTSC setting ;) Any game in the playable section either works fine in 0.25, 0.2 or 0.1, for games...
  15. Stezo2k

    Eyetoy successfully hacked drivers available here for win 98/2000/xp tried it earlier, and to my amazement they actually work just as well as on the ps2 :) the quality is great, and even has a built in mic, which most of us didn't know about :D
  16. Stezo2k

    CXBX Now plays a commercial game

    Thats right folks, after a fairly long wait, cxbx is finally playing an xbox game, turok evolution, and is running full speed, apparently this game can run up to 4 times the speed of the original xbox. CXBX is an XBOX emulator for PC, due to it being very similar to PC hardware, various...
  17. Stezo2k

    UT2004 Demo

    I don't know if this demo is an official release, but has made it's way to bit torrent, but i must say i love the improvements from ut2003, it's so smooth on my GF3, and quite fun online, what do you guys think? edit: yeah it seems it's offical, read it on neowin download...
  18. Stezo2k

    Easter egg included?

    since i had a new gf3 sent to me, i thought i'd try double dash, worked at around 10fps, pretty great, i have also noticed though when you bash into a car, the dolphin window it self vibrates, very nice dolphin team :)
  19. Stezo2k

    Winamp 5 RC8

    Wow many new updates since the good old beta 2, much nicer, much less cpu and memory usage, at the moment i'm getting 7Mb ram usage and 0% cpu usage, using the modern winamp 5 skin playing a 100MB mix file, very nice :) has a option to make it less smoother, making it faster, very nice :)...
  20. Stezo2k

    Nintendo To Unveil A New Console Next Year

    To make up for the fairly huge profit loss with the Gamecube, nintendo have decided to unveil a new games console for next year, details are uknown at present, but i recon it will be another handheld. news source: