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    Help compiling SFGUI

    Hi everyone, I recently retook a GB emu project I started some time ago and I wanted to write a GUI for it and for a debugger. I thought of using SFGUI for that because I am using SFML for video output and it seems really simple, exactly what I wanted for a project like this one. However, I...
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    Demul v0.7 dx11ng: Can't disable scanlines.

    I downloaded the latest build in the main page ( and I have some graphical issues. Direct X 11 NG renderer seems alright, but it has scanlines by default and games (at lest SoulCalibur) looks quite bad with them. Is there a way to disable them? Direct X 11 renderer has...
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    Help with compiling GlideN64.

    Hi, I followed this instructions in the plugins wiki ( but I get some errors: I think I am missing FreeType and some other library. Could someone that knows what must be done help me through? I am not very sure of what I...
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    hardware inquiry

    Does anyone know any website where to buy a cheap desktop with hdmi output? I would like to connect it to the tv, without having another monitor to watch movies mainly. I would like it from a shop in europe, and something very cheap even if not very good.
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    Crash when loading hires textures with the newest (a couple of days ago) version.

    Hi, I was trying the latest daily builds version that I got from ( Whenever I try to load hires textures it crashes as soon as the canvas is set up. It happens with both plugins glide64mk2 and rice. I tried on Windows 8. The only error message...
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    Dolphin 4: User files

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how Dolphin 4 manages the save files, pad configuration files... I copied the User folder from version 3.5 but it seems the emulator is ignoring it. I can not find these files from 3.5 under any of the 4.0 subdirectories either. Thanks.
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    Is it difficult retexturing?

    Hi all. I was wondering how hard it is to retexture some textures for a complete newbie. I have no experience with photoshop nor any other program. Do you think it is possible that I get to help with some packs in not too much time? How much time would that be? I just have some spare time and...