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    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    There is a tool called HighResEaser that does the skybox assembling and slicing job for you. Please find the instructions for skybox creation here The latest version of HighResEaser can be found here Your texture are really stunning btw - really great job!
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    1964Video - official DevTalk & Release thread

    Name: 1964Video Type: N64 Emulator video plugin (under community development) Licence: GPL 2.0 Targeted: All 1964 emulator users Supported Emulators: All windows-based emulators with plugin support (1964, Project64, Mupen64plus) Requirements: MS C++ Redistributable Package Latest Download...
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    VC++ issue w/ Rice/Mudlord N64 plugin

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to compile the source code of the N64 graphics plugin created by Rice/Mudlord. But as I'm a little bit out of C++ and as I don't know the VC++ IDE, I ran in some trouble... The following errors are occuring: 1>Verknüpfen... 1> Bibliothek...
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    HighResEaser - retexture backgrounds in a wink

    Name: HighResEaser Type: Photoshop Script Licence: GPL 2.0 Targeted: Retexture artists Function: Takes over the donkey-work at retexturing backgrounds, logos, skyboxes and similar things. Supported Plugins: All Requirements: Photoshop with scripting support (minimum Photoshop 7)...
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    Good old time...

    A Nintendo commercial from 1998 about the N64: Typical american kids, aren't they? :satisfied