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  1. blizz

    Wii!! - New Name, New Thread

    A continuation of the old thread but with a new name! "Joystick fondler" lol
  2. blizz

    Of Logo's and Design

    In the past here Martin (you know the owner) has done a few logo competitions. And I'm going to need one for my warcraft guild. I'm not going to do a competition or anything, I just want to know what what software/techniques/font resources do the artistic people in Emutalk use for their logos.
  3. blizz

    The Ashes (any Aussies in the building?)

    We won! Whoohoo!!
  4. blizz

    Live H8tters

    I cannot escape Live8 today. It was even on at the pub! :( as Warren Ellis put it in his badsignal, Not that some of the music is particulary bad... But Pink Floyd, Craig David, Dido, Coldplay, an awful version of Sgt Peppers :( I think this article from the BBC sums it up nicely.
  5. blizz

    New PC Time!

    OK, I need new PC, the current beast is that bit too slow for me, doesn't like pushing WoW at the native res of my tft and it's too big for the room I'm in now. first off, the case/mobo the Shuttle SN85G4V3 because it's small and has a card reader :D Processor: Athlon 64 3400 1GB Ram (Oh god...
  6. blizz

    Posting And You.

    I think the concepts in this little flash presentation can be easily applied to all forums.
  7. blizz

    What are you playing at the moment?

    In the spirit of "What are you listening to?" and showing off your desktop in talk of the town I ask you what are you playing and why? Give, the name of the game, what system it's for and a short synopsis of what you like/don't like about it.
  8. blizz

    Should Blizz flog his PS2?

    OK, I've had enough of my PS2 being a sophisticated DVD player. Apart from needing a way to replay my favoured old PSX games I see no need for the thing. Plus I've still got my old PSX.
  9. blizz

    General DC Emulation Discussion FAQ, or not so FAQ

    This board is for all emulation questions/discussion with regard to Dreamcast Emulation. There is a board for Dreamemu discussion: NO ISO REQUESTS!!! and please no questions about how to backup games
  10. blizz

    Interesting Microsoft video the above is a nice little video demonstrating DateLens, which is a sweet calendar tool made by the VIBE group at Microsoft Research and Ben Bederson's...
  11. blizz

    Who says guys can't be sentimental & emotional?

    A letter written by a heartbroken man to his estranged partner Dear Audrey: I know the counselor said we shouldn't contact each other during our "cooling off" period, but I couldn't wait anymore. The day you left, I swore I'd never talk to you again. But that was just the wounded little boy...
  12. blizz

    New Nintendo Concept Pics

    from TVG via shacknews is a concept pic for the new Nintendo product that is to be unveiled shortly, this is mostly likely a fake (as this one was) but it's still a nice idea knowing me I would probably buy something like that as well....
  13. blizz

    Of Monty and of Python

    the usual quiz fun :D <img src="" border="0" alt="lancelot"><br>Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who! <br><br><a href=""> <font...
  14. blizz

    Make that purple monster dance!
  15. blizz

    Of Zelda and Gamecubes

    <Towzzer> so working gc emu today? <Towzzer> or another day of me not playing zelda 5 <Tagrineth> Um... <Towzzer> damn it <Towzzer> i knew it <Tagrineth> You can already play Zelda 5 on a PC <Towzzer> oh pish posh i'm counting via major systems <Towzzer> not the 1000 games they put on gameboy...
  16. blizz

    Happy Birthday Jaz!

    Happy birthday, you welsh, hockey loving bastid! :D
  17. blizz

    Many Happy Returns Gent!

    Happy b'day Gent-o-san! :) I'll have a drink for ya! :beer: :D
  18. blizz

    It's Nearly Winter so here's some Snowmen

    some some examples of the talent needed ;)
  19. blizz

    The Emutalk Hamster

    [20:50] <EmuHelp> [EmuHelp] Misc. News: ZX-Emul 0.21b Released - [20:51] * blizzzzzz slaps EmuHelp around a bit with a large trout [20:54] * passive kicks blizzzzzz for attacking a defenseless bot [20:57] * blizzzzzz slaps passive around a bit with a large trout...
  20. blizz

    Sweet Jesus Fuck Yes!

    FF7-2 a DVD film! yes I'm actually interested in something by square for the first time in ages, plus it fits nicely into my DVD addiction (of course I'd like them to also retell the game story as well ;) ) oh and Square managed to...