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  1. <D@rK_sKy>

    Problems with gcube 0.5

    Hello, I have a problem with the emulator gcube 0.5. I drag the game in format .gcm to gcube.exe, the screen is put in black and in seconds it disappears without doing nothing. My computer is a pentium 4 3GHZ, 1gb ram, ati RADEON 9200 128 MB VRAM. If somebody can help me, much would be thanked...
  2. <D@rK_sKy>

    Gcool,real or fake?

    Hello,Sailing in Internet, I found this peculiar emulator and I would like that they said to me if it is true or false and if he is true where to find it although sure will not be able to say to Web sites to me by the norms of the forum: - ( In any case, thanks beforehand.