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  1. Doomulation

    Computer plans

    I'm actually putting up some plans for components for building computers. What I want is some to look over the plans for the different categories and suggest changes, or if it's OK. It's not about the prices or where to get the parts from, but rather the technical properties of what type of...
  2. Doomulation

    Thoughts about upgrade

    I'm still planning for a computer upgrade, to increase performance and to save power. I'm still having my eyes locked on the Phenom X4, which is socket AM2, but my own motherboard is only socket 939, which kind of sucks. So I need to upgrade motherboard, but that's not the main issue at the...
  3. Doomulation

    Time to upgrade from Vista to XP!

    If you're still running Vista, then it's about time you upgrade to Windows XP! "Microsoft can really pat themselves on the back for a job well done, delivering an operating system which is much faster and far more...
  4. Doomulation

    110 years of prison for man!

    110 years of prison for a man! Found guilty, he got 110 years for all of his crimes among which were: - Hacking into young girls' computers (using a trojan). - Illegally obtaining private information from their computers. - Using keyloggers to log what they were communicating with friends. -...
  5. Doomulation

    OpenSUSE Linux

    Anyone using this? I've been looking for some information about for an assignment. I particularly want to know how it's better than Windows (Vista?). I know all you Linux users out there think it's superior than Windows :P And I must find out why. Any information sites/pages/sources/whatever...
  6. Doomulation

    My (High) Computer Score!

    No, it's not old, it's kicking every computers' ass! :P See, see. Look at the pictures attached - I'm not lying! :teehee:
  7. Doomulation

    Blu-ray experience

    Horrible. Just horrible. I wonder if that's the only player that is like that. Still, for $1000, you'd expect more, right?
  8. Doomulation

    E3 2007 Press Conferences?

    Anyone have a copy of these or know where to get a hold of them? Let's see... IGN only has Flash. They crash or stop loading at times (crash mostly) so there's no point in trying to watch them there. Gamespot doesn't work at all. Trying to download them takes forever at 5-20 kb/s. No torrents...
  9. Doomulation

    Public Listening Test

    Listening test. Who wants to participate? This is a public listening test. If you want to participate, all you have to do is download the file below (ca 35 MB), the listen to the songs and decide which the files have good quality. You can select several options, so if you found quality...
  10. Doomulation

    Metroid Prime 3 Release Date Confirmed!

    I know there probably are some metroid fans out here... Nintendo did confirm that Mario Galaxy, Metroid and Smash Brothers would all laumch this year, starting from end of summer. I was guessing Metroid was the summer release and it turns out I was right. I don't remember how I came to that...
  11. Doomulation

    PS3 Elite anyone? Truly, a must have!
  12. Doomulation

    Network copy

    Does anyone know of any good utility for copying data over network? On a 100 mbps line, it seems a shame that you can't get more than 5 MB/s (or 40 mpbs). I'm guessing that it's because of network protocol overhead, but so again, I don't do network apps, so I don't know...
  13. Doomulation

    Phil Harisson crashes rock show

    Yes, it's the Phil Harrison. I find this one hillarious. Maybe the PS3 just is too high priced? And the poor band...
  14. Doomulation

    Sega planning re-entry into console business

    That's right - Sega is planning to re-enter the console market with a new console. Their finances are finally stable enough to try one more time, they stated. There's not much information about the new console, however. Though it will feature and HD-DVD drive. Now, let's hope Sega doesn't fall...
  15. Doomulation

    DVD a Next-Gen rival?

    ..To HD-DVD and Blu-ray? A new technology allows for 4 layers now, and in the future, even more. This can yield up to 20 GB of data on a single disc. There are also specifications for 24GB, 30GB, 40GB and 48GB discs. Unfortunately, as all new technology, this comes at a price. You need a new...
  16. Doomulation

    Weird Story

    I think I'll entertain you a little with something... It all started when I was trying to move things across the home network. I picked some directories and sent them to a network shortcut (you know those "places" that appears under my network places?). The first thing I noticed was that it was...
  17. Doomulation

    My Revolution Review

    I got it about 2 weeks ago, at the beginning of February, after ordering it around December or so. It goes to show it's not impossible to acquire one if you're just patient. Anyway, I'll describe what I've found about the Revolution console, the Wii Sports game and Twilight Princess. I'll cover...
  18. Doomulation

    Microsoft's turn to shine (in the evil spotlight)

    So, this time it's Microsoft's time to shine in the evil spotlight. If you haven't heard the story, it goes that October this year, Microsoft published an update to Xbox 360 that when downloaded killed some poor owner's Xbox 360's. Now THAT is embarrassing. I'd image that could happen around...
  19. Doomulation

    Blu-ray is going down!

    Optical HD Battle May Be Over: HD-DVD Wins - Talk Back - Digital Trends It seems likely that Blu-ray will fail. Sorry, Sony, you just screwed up again. Oh, and be sure to sign the petition for HD-DVD. We need only ONE standard.
  20. Doomulation

    Nokia N-Gage 2

    Ladies & Gentlemen! Introducing... * drum roll * Nokia(TM) N-Gage 2!!! Nokia plans to introduce a new handheld gaming device to the market, following their beating of the last one. This time, they'll mimick the "success" of the PSP and PS3 but making it expensive and loading it with non-gaming...