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  1. zaba_3

    Will N64DD emulation ever happen?

    Does anyone know whats the state of N64DD emulation? Has anyone tried to do it? Just looked N64DD prices at ebay and wow,this "console" really has some novelty value!
  2. zaba_3

    Graphic Problems with Zelda

    So I informated my friend to world of emulation with PJ64. He has very old computer,I dont know other specs than graphic card which is Intel 82815 We tested Zelda ocarina of time with his computer and it runs fairly well. Speed is mostly at 60 fps and graphics are fine..mostly. Some small...
  3. zaba_3


    Ok I just played wario ware a bit and I tried save state, but after I try to load it Game locks up. And "ingame" saving doesnt work either. Any solutions to this or I need just to wait for new release?
  4. zaba_3

    Looking for good PC games with limited PC capasities

    Yes if you guys know some good PC games let me know :) I cant run all very newest games because my video card Nvidia GForce 4 mx 420
  5. zaba_3

    I feel sad now :(

    OK me and My girlfriend were together 5 months,that time has been best of my life so far, everything was going well when suddenly just befory summer holidays when she said that she doesnt want to be with me anymore. I cried week on row,pain in my hard was so hard.Life went on came fall and i had...
  6. zaba_3

    gcube 0.2 shots

    post in here your gcube shots. here is some mine shots: 1.freeloader 2.gameboy player 3-4.mario kart DD 5.pikmin2 6.pokemon channel 7-9.wario ware inc 10.homebrew demo
  7. zaba_3


    post your best score of xrick on this thread with running whinecube my best score:
  8. zaba_3

    speed keys?

    is there way to disable speed adding(+) and speed lower keys(-)?????
  9. zaba_3

    mortal kompat trilogy

    how i can play mortal kompat trilogy on full speed???????????