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  1. Allnatural

    just because...

    double your pleasure
  2. Allnatural

    She's getting married soon.

    Not to me though. :sadface:
  3. Allnatural

    The face of a spambot.

    Some bots are going to the trouble of putting images in their profiles. They're stock images obviously, but it makes me laugh all the same. I mean, look at that face. If that doesn't scream spammer...
  4. Allnatural

    Now that attachments are fixed...

    I can spam the forum again. :P
  5. Allnatural

    Sorry about the downtime

    Martin was doing laundry; lost track of time for some reason, forgot to pay the bill or something...(that's what I heard). :P
  6. Allnatural

    Super Potato - OMG!

    I want to live there. :w00t:
  7. Allnatural

    Place your bets, people. Also, boobies...

    How many days before this bot(?) puts spam in its signature? I say 14. The winner gets nothing, other than that sense of smug satisfaction. Before anyone asks why I don't just ban it now, it's because I'm not *reasonably* sure that it is a bot. "britney" is too common a name to simply plug...
  8. Allnatural

    this picture makes me happy...

    in my pants
  9. Allnatural

    Super Mario Crossover

    I'm sure most of you have seen it by now... Got to be the most incredibly awesome fantastic thing I've ever seen.
  10. Allnatural

    #6 I'll be number 5 before long, thanks to Jaz's inactivity. It'll take a lot of spam to reach number 2 (even if I ban Agozer), but Doom's probably got a lock on the number 1 spot. I don't think I have it in me to spam that much...
  11. Allnatural

    AdminLady is a bot

    Some of you may have received a PM. It's obviously spam, so just ignore/delete it.
  12. Allnatural

    completed games '09

    Here we are again. Another year done, another recap of what everyone played (those of you still around). Sonic Heroes Gears of War Persona 3: FES Crackdown God Hand Eternal Darkness Jak 3 Final Fantasy XII Kameo: Elements of Power Ace Combat Zero Tomb Raider Anniversary Eternal Sonata Ratchet...
  13. Allnatural

    eddyatolsanh = banned

    I received spam via PM from this bot. Just wanted to let others know since I probably wasn't the only one. This seems to be rare thankfully, but anyone finding spam in their inbox should forward it to a mod (I'm here daily).
  14. Allnatural

    MS needs better shoopers

    Look at that dude's neck for crying out loud.
  15. Allnatural

    It's been one month...

    since I last posted in TotT.
  16. Allnatural

    Transformers 2

    I confess, I liked it. Perhaps because my expectations were very very low (20% at RottenTomatoes), or perhaps because I just wanted an action spectacle to assault my senses for 2+ hours. All the more unfortunate that it assaulted my sensibilities in nearly equal measure (Sam's parents, robot...
  17. Allnatural

    spammer central

    For some reason these SEO spammers love this thread. I think there were one or two more whose posts I deleted. Judging by his email addy, johntor is also a spammer. He forgot to create a signature, so he's clearly not very good at his job (I'll ban him when he does). Also, johntor = wanetom...
  18. Allnatural


    ET is back. To celebrate...
  19. Allnatural

    I hate this...

    you visit the forum after a day away, click "new posts" and think, cool, lots of activity. Then you notice it's just a spambot. *sigh* We need to liven this place up, Here's my contribution:
  20. Allnatural

    This is Allnatural, signing off...

    Moving into a new apartment tomorrow. Many bags of accumulated junk given away (or thrown away), and now the computer is the last major item to be packed. Moving sucks, but the place I'm going to is far better than the place I'm in. Pics forthcoming...