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  1. ExtremeDude2

    Save Submissions

    Whatever the name of the current save file is
  2. ExtremeDude2

    Super Mario 64 hack (Super Easy)

    This is a SM64 hack that I made, it is not complete yet. I should probably also note that some hires-textures (mostly Mario ones) may not work, sorry :o Here is how to apply the patch: 1. Get a SM64 ROM (I can't say where or how) 2. Extend with VL-Tone's ROM extender 3. Apply the "Super Mario...
  3. ExtremeDude2

    Good-bye Glide :,(
  4. ExtremeDude2

    Flash a 5830 to a 5870

    Anyone think that it is possible?
  5. ExtremeDude2

    Retro Copy

    Retro Copy is a multiple game system emulator made by Retro Ralph which emulates most "old" systems with cycle accuracy with new systems being add sometimes.
  6. ExtremeDude2

    Legend of Zelda Master Quest

    Has anyone made or is interested in making Hi-res textures for Legend of Zelda Master Quest? If not I MIGHT consider porting death--droid's textures (assuming it is OK with him).