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  1. NES_player4LIFE

    Wow Time Flies!

    sorry wrong url Just noticed this thread itself is 10 years old now, wow time flies!
  2. NES_player4LIFE

    Wow Time Flies!

    Hows is going? Most of the crew hangs out on Discord64 now. The forums are mostly for news and major updates.
  3. NES_player4LIFE

    2023-11-17 Recent Releases

    Bsnes is still updated?!
  4. NES_player4LIFE

    Gliden64 problem save

    Does it save the settings and remember them the next time you load the emulator?
  5. NES_player4LIFE

    HighResEaser 1.7

    lets see a screenshot of what your are working on in photoshop. "I've made sure to crop the screenshot so it's only the background " when the script goes to read the texture location watch the curser, does it lean to far to one edge? set the horizontal offset to %10
  6. NES_player4LIFE

    Big Mountain HD (Big Mountain 2000 Retexture) (BFrancois)

    Mirror on Please post some nice screenshots below and I'll add them to the server.
  7. NES_player4LIFE

    MAME 0.256 is released!

    nice posting
  8. NES_player4LIFE

    Project 64 legacy 1.6.2 beta released

    "Finishing what we started" The legacy team has released a very polished beta with tons of features and unique capabilities that aren't found in any other emulator. Check it out below.
  9. NES_player4LIFE

    Macphisto's hi-res Banjo-Kazooie!

    Day late and a dollar short but what the hell?!
  10. NES_player4LIFE

    AetherSX2 stops development due to harassment, dev quits

    wow bullied out of service :(
  11. NES_player4LIFE

    Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) v1.52 released!

    wow Nestopia! Haven't hear heard about them in years!
  12. NES_player4LIFE

    Half-Life 2 Gold (for real this time)

    Thou shall not bump!
  13. NES_player4LIFE

    DS4Windows v3.1.6 released!

    Very cool!
  14. NES_player4LIFE

    Lets retexture Space Invaders

    A little something I've been wanting to do for some time
  15. NES_player4LIFE

    AI Upscaled Texture Legality?

    One program I use is Photozoom pro. It also has a photoshop extension, check it out sometime.
  16. NES_player4LIFE

    Conker's Bad Fur Day AI-Upscale

    Mirror N64Textures
  17. NES_player4LIFE

    AI Upscaled Texture Legality?

    The textures are made from Rices code and are not actually ripped from the rom but from what the video plugin sees on screen. As Gent says, Yes, but with a little input on my behalf. Essentially this is nothing more than recording a gameplay video or snapshots of it. The images are made from an...
  18. NES_player4LIFE

    Help! The plugin won't dump models on my VRML!

    Thread redirect
  19. NES_player4LIFE

    Zelda Ocarina of time Community Retexture Project V7

    A thousand pardons I didn't recognize who you are. @death--droid hasn't been on in some time. Please work as if your request is granted.