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  1. LyonHrt

    The state of playstation texture replacement

    Its always nice to see something that changes an emulation scene. With n64 emulation that brought texture replacement to your favourite games, and continues today with many packs posted on our :: forum. But its nice to finally see progress even if its baby steps with the support of high res...
  2. LyonHrt

    clay fighters sculptors cut wip

    Thought i'd announce a texture pack that didn't think was possible...For the n64 version of clay fighters sculptor cut which includes more characters over the original version. So this version is possible because of ai upscaling, using my own training model to improve this game. Right now its...
  3. LyonHrt

    f355 dreamcast, reicast pack

    Originally a concept prototype using hacks and texmod, i've started to port the pack for f355 challenge for dreamcast i've linked the 4k images here, or early wip, been some advances since the texmod, plus not everything has been ported over, but does have the advantage of a head start over a...
  4. LyonHrt

    Dreamcast texture modding guide for Reicast.

    So 2019, and we have a new console to finally do hd/uhd texture packs for, and no hacks or use of third party software, this is the real deal, welcome to reicast texture modding! So with the introduction to the core of reicast, they now have added the ability to dump, and inject...
  5. LyonHrt

    Reicast News

    Some nice developments in Dreamcast emulation scene today, with a major update to Reicast core. With a new addition that now allows texture dumping, and injecting. Dump textures: will dump all textures used by the current game to <systemdir>/dc/texdump/<game id> Load textures: loads custom...
  6. LyonHrt


    A new version of RxNES has been released, with speed increases and constant improvements and features. RxNES is a nes emulator based on mynes, it uses the unity engine, which allows graphic mods, 2D and 3D, as well as sound and music mods. Its still very much wip, but includes a sample mod for...
  7. LyonHrt

    RxNES 3.021

    RxNES has updated to v3.021. This release is an important update, and fixes the issue of generating gigs of data, due to constantly making new textures, where as now it now replaces existing textures, so should be reduced to a more manageable 500meg of ram. This release also fixes issues to...
  8. LyonHrt


    Yuzu the open source switch emulator, currently at version 1.2 has now updated to include a new installer that will make it easier to to keep it up to date. Source:
  9. LyonHrt

    Nova 0.3 released

    Nova the saturn/titan emulator for windows, has updated to 0.3 SH2: Removed interrupts timing. SCU: Rewrote DSP flags handling. SCU: Rewrote DSP commands and opcodes mapping. SCU: Rewrote the DSP RA register handling. SCU: Rewrote PPAF register handling. SCU: Rewrote DSTA register...
  10. LyonHrt

    PPSSPP 1.6 released

    PPSSPP has released a new version of its emulator today, now at 1.6 This time, it's all about speed. The Vulkan backend has improved as is now the default where available, while the OpenGL backend has been properly multithreaded and now runs really fast on dual-core devices. Enjoy! The...
  11. LyonHrt

    VirtueBoy Advance

    VirtueBoy Advance is a new emulator gameboy advance designed to work on devices that can use stereoscopic 3D, such as VR headsets, by Myles Johnston. It has many options to adjust the 3d effect, so can be tailored to your tastes, with good compatibility, and now able to select the rom from...
  12. LyonHrt

    virtueboy advance a Stereoscopic 3D GBA emulator

    Thought i'd post this here, as i did on reddit, virtueboyadvance is a gba emulator created with vr in mind, allowing some depth to gbas in the same style as nintendos virtualboy, still very much in development.
  13. LyonHrt

    GBE+ 1.2 released

    GBE+ the DMG/GBC/GBA emulator, and experimental NDS emulator has been updated to version 1.2. You can download the windows version from
  14. LyonHrt

    Mesen 0.9.5

    Mesen has its first release for 2018, now at 0.9.5. The NES and Famicom emulator has been updated with this change log: New Features * Debugger: Tons of new features, UI improvements, performance improvements and bug fixes. * HD Packs: New features, performance improvements and bug fixes. *...
  15. LyonHrt

    RxNES 3

    RxNES has returned with a new release now to 3.003, RxNES is a unity powered emulator based on MyNes, it allows enhancements and modifications, that allow replacements of tiles, with either 3D models, or sprites, regardless of size, has full custom scripting in c# which allows limitless...
  16. LyonHrt

    medusa alpha 2

    A new version of medusa the GBA and now also DS emulator, formally known as mGBA now at alpha 2 A new alpha of medusa is available. It contains many bugfixes, and allows many major games to be fully playable now. Notably, game-breaking bugs affecting Mario Kart DS, The World Ends With You, Star...
  17. LyonHrt

    MAME 0.185 released

    mame have released their latest version of their arcade emulator, now at 0.185 and as usual its a long list from the whats new file: MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------- - 06402: [Interface] UI:: Switch Item Ordering corrupts software list (Nathan Woods) - 06481: [DIP/Input]...
  18. LyonHrt

    The still in progress emulator broken screenshot thread... :)

    Don't you miss the old days when you were wowed seeing an actual n64 game playing on an emulator, even if the textures and meshes were all messed up, nowadays you got it good, when you can see the latest zelda game emulated, and you post 4k or 8k screenshots with all the stuff going on, wheres...
  19. LyonHrt

    Play! News

    Play! the PlayStation 2 emulator for the Win32, OSX, iOS and Android platforms, has finally updated: Sorry for the long wait for this build! This was due to all the work that was needed to make CMake the official build system for the project. This should make it easier for other people to...
  20. LyonHrt

    Mesen 0.8.1 released

    Mesen the nes emulator has updated to version 0.8.1 New Features Performance: Code improvements have increased emulation speed by 15-35%. Audio: Added a customizable equalizer. Patches: Added support for UPS and BPS patch formats. Compatibility: Added support for UNIF FK23C/FK23CA/D1038 boards...