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    A zip with a fonctional install of PJ64?

    A zip with a functional install of PJ64? Hello everyone, It seems that many people have some troubles getting PJ64 working optimally (getting the 1.6.1 update, update the rdb, install the latest functional plugins, etc...). I do have for my own purpose a zip file with everything in it. Would...
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    Crash with Nrage 2.3c

    I'm am using PJ64 1.6.1 with the Nrage input plugin (last version). Bug : crash at the start of a game How to reproduce : 1) (controller plugged in) lauch PJ64, set up nrage, play 2) quit PJ64 3) unplug the controller 4) launch PJ64, play (crash) Expected result : well, I don't know, nrage...
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    Problem at the end of rayman 2

    Hi everyone. I have a little problem there. After finishing the last level and beating the last boss in rayman 2 (N64), you directly have the credit (no save). After the credit, you have these words "The End" (still not possible to save). As far as I understand, you're supposed to be able to...
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    [work in progress]100% Save file for Mario Tennis 64

    [DONE]100% Save file for Mario Tennis 64 Hello everyone. As you may know I just started Mario Tennis 64 again et I am now working (playing? :p) on a 100% save. So far, all the courts are available (even the GBC courts), all the characters (even the GBC ones) are available. The MAX difficulty...
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    Perfect emulation of Mario Tennis 64

    Hello everyone. Please forgive my english, it's not my native language. :( Please forgive me also if you already knew the news, but I think it may even become a sticky post :p. Let's get straight to the point. I tested several emulators and several video plugins in a attempt to find a way to...