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    transfer save file from mupen 079?

    I'm trying to play Banjo Kazooie and it freezes up on mupen so I wanna play it on 1964 instead but I don't know how to get the save file from mupen to work in 1964. I'm talking about the .eep file. Can anyone help?
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    best emu to play Battletanx Global Assault on?

    half the emu's I try don't even run the game. I don't know if I'm using the wrong settings or the wrong emu. any ideas?
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    getting a CDI file to run

    I just downloaded it but it turned out to be a CDI file and I can't figure out how to run it. do I have to convert it and how would I do that?
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    getting Perfect Dark to run with Nemu08

    whenever I try to start up a solo or multi level it freezes up. I got a decent cpu here so I don't know why it freezes. anyone know the best plugins and settings to get it to run? on the bottom left it says "trying to load texture that is out of tmem bounds". don't know if that means anything...
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    F-zero X graphic issues

    the sky is messed up, the cars are half invisible and some colors are not right. is there a good graphics plug in to use for this game? thanks.
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    best settings for Battletanx Global Assault NTSC?

    I'm trying to get the game to work for someone else. does anyone know what settings and plug ins would work for Battletanx Global Assault? thanks
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    Battletanx Global Assault

    I'm trying to play this right now and it says it's playable but it has some major issues when I try to open it. the graphics are all messed up and it freezes when I go into full screen. so I'm figuring it's the video plug in. or it could be the 1964 version but I don't know what version I'm...