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    what's so good about Mupen64?

    I'm curious - what's so good about Mupen64? Other than the recording feature, I don't see what makes this better than PJ64 (1.6 - which can play Donkey Kong 64), if it's claimed to be that.
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    Controller playback

    I'm having a problem with the record / playback feature. I'm playing Conker in game and multi-player modes, and during playback the moves I made aren't at all like what they were during record. I've tried using different plugins and they don't seem to make any difference. The same with...
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    Why can't Lanky run?

    I have a problem in Fungi Forest, where Lanky races that rabbit. He has the upgrade to allow him to go faster, but I still get defeated no matter how many times I try - and I have won this race many times before. Anyone else have this problem? PS: I'd like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the...
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    Conker's Total War

    Is there someone who can point me in the direction on how the programming is done for these games? I'd like to take a crack at improving one of these emulators, and I'll do it by addressing two primary issues: 1) The actual cartridge itself will connect to the PC - not some ROM that might...