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    So close to perfect

    The newest Glide64 plugin (Napalm release) is almost 100% perfect for me (well minor issues aside) however one last problem occurs - the sound. Project 64 seems to work best for me, but I'm wondering if I'm using outdated sound plugins. Jabo's 1.7 and Azimer's HLE WIP2 both work great with most...
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    Zelda Menu Delay?

    Since Mupen64 has no cheats option, how do I go about solving the menu delay isssue in Zelda OOT? :(
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    Keep up the good work

    I've been having issues with every N64 emulator I've ever tried, usually in the realm of freezing and corruptions no matter what plugins I try. Now with Mupen 0.51 and Glide64/Jabo's D8 I can get as near 100% playable with every game I try. THANK YOU! :bouncy: I don't know why I didn't try this...
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    Ok look - someone has to help me out here

    I've tried 1964, Project64, Mupen, UltraHLE.....a whole bunch of others that I can't recall. Not one of them works without causing lockups. I've tried many different plugins with respect to graphics, sound, RSP and input, I *still* get lockups. I tried different versions of the...
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    Pokemon Stadium 2 Recommendations

    Sorry if this has been asked =] I recently got back into the whole pokemon scene, I was wondering what the best choices in plugins are to use with Pokemon Stadium 2. I've a got a pretty high end setup, so I'm looking for the most accurate and less glitchy plugins. Wouldn't want to have the...
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    Metal Gear Solid ePSXe

    Using the eternal SPU plugin the game sounds fine, but every once and awhile it stutters and then sounds garbled, usually after long speeches. Is there some way to fix this? What settings should I be using for MGS?
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    Slow menu Zelda OOT

    I've searched this forum and the solution says "enable the cheat 'subscreen delay fix'" and yet there is no such cheat in 1964 or Project64. I have the latest versions of both, trying Jabo's plugin and the Glide64 plugin. I solve this? :plain:
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    This doesn't make sense...

    Ok I'm going insane here. Both project 64 and 1964 are freezing in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark for no real reason. I have tried different audio and video plugin combos and it appears that nothing helps! I don't get it.....HOW can this happening if its not the fault of the plugins? The emulators...
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    Cam Spy + Cloak Slow downs

    Using Glide64 and 1964 I get VERY slow frames whenever I use the cam spy or see someone go cloaked....I'm talking 2 fps. I have a 6800GT so I assume something isn't right here. Which wrapper/video settings cause these slowdowns? Is it the hardware frame buffer option that fixes this? Well...
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    Glide64 Freezing

    I've been having freezes with both Project64 and 1964 and did some testing. If I swap out different audio plugins it doesn't seem to help. The problem lies with the video plugin or some setting I have enabled. :plain: I've been playing Goldeneye and Perfect Dark mostly and they will randomly...
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    Random Crashes and Freezes

    I keep getting random freezes in games (mostly goldeneye) and the emulator will crash without warning occasionally. I'm using Glide64 for video, and I change the audio to suit the game so I know its not that. Its just a tad frustrating to play certain games like Pokemon Stadium 2 fearing that...
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    Most Accurate Plugins

    I'm using Project64 currently (seems to work the best for me) and I wanted to know which plugins would give me the most accurate emulation and compatibility. I play games like Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Pokemon Stadium 2, Crusin' USA and more, but those are probably the ones I would like working...