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  1. Nintendude

    LoZ: OoT Water Temple save state

    Hey everyone. I've been spending a lot of time playing Ocarina Of Time Lately, and I was playing it earlier today when my computer crashed unexpectedly. So I was wondering if anyone had a save state, or knows where one exists, right after the Water Temple. I'd prefer to have Biggoron's sword...
  2. Nintendude

    VBA has been lagging horribly, help?

    Recently the speed I've been getting from VBA has been very bad. Whenever I hold a key on my keyboard the framerates drops like crazy, ranging from %70 to %30. This only happens with GBA games (GB/GBC games run flawlessly), it may be because my computer isn't all that strong but I'm able to run...
  3. Nintendude


    This has probably been asked a lot, but why does nullDC not detect my bios files? I'm pretty sure I've got all of them. Here's a pic: Am I missing anything? Any help would be very appreciated.
  4. Nintendude

    Demul video Plug-in

    What is the best video plugin for Demul?
  5. Nintendude

    How to connect Wii remote to PC?

    I read online somewhere that I had to go to Control Panel then open "Add a device" and rapidly press 1 and 2 at the same time on my controller but it won't work. I've also heard that Wii motes that are not white won't connect to a PC, and unfortunately, I don't have any white ones. Any help?
  6. Nintendude

    Ocarina Of Time lag

    Alright. See, Ocarina Of Time has been lagging ALOT when I'm in the overworld (Hyrule Field, Death Mountain, Lake Hylia..etc) and it's extremely annoying. This is unfortunate since I'm able to run it on other low-graded emulators such as Nemu64 and Mupen64 without any problems at all. The VI/s...