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    MSVCP70.DLL error

    Hello I get a MSVCP70.DLL error on my new PC if i run PJ64 1.5 or 1.6 with Nrage plugin. I got a copy of the file off my old PC and put it in sys folder but was no go so put it in sys 32 but still no go. Any one know how to fix this? Thanks
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    Mini Racers

    Whet ever happened to this game? There was a mighty hohhar about it a few years ago but it looks to have vanished?
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    Translating Japanese N64 Games.

    Hello Have many of the N64 games been translated yet? I have done a search on this forum and found the odd one. Is there any web site with a bit more information and files for this? Thanks :cheers:
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    Emulators for the N64?

    Rather than emulating the N64 does any one know of any emulators that run on the N64? The only one I know of is MAME but am hoping there are some more out there?
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    Nintendo64 maximum cartridge & RAM size.

    I just got a wandering about how the N64 game carts vary in size. With the largest sold being 512Mbit (64Mb) So I was just wondering was this simply just the biggest they bothered to make or was it a physical limit. If not how big could they go? I know there are ways of expanding it but directly...
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    Ward12e old Nrage 1.83 xbox fix

    I am looking for the old Ximput Fix for NRage 1.83 made by Ward12e. I am looking for this as for some reason XBCD does not work on my computer. I have even had some one who uses it try and set it up for me to no avail. I then tried Billard’s Ximput plugin. This worked well apart from there was...
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    Hello, I found the thread on the Z64 plugin a bit confusing. Could some one possibly point me at the newest files and if at all possible could you give me a dummies guide to setting it up. Many thanks in advance.
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    Fast LLE?

    Hello, I am new here so pleas forgive me if I have placed this post in the wrong part. This is just a really random thought I had today. It is probably totally useless but its a thought anyhow. But if some one in the know would like to comment I would love to hear what you have to say. Now your...