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    BIOS Settings

    I have read the FAQ: I am almost positive I have the european BIOS. It swirls blue instead of red. I have also replaced with a fresh dc_bios.bin and dc_flash.bin and I still cannot get it to save my language settings or date and time. I also notice that the timestamp on the two bin files does...
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    CPU and Framerates

    I suppose I am lucky enough to have a machine that emulates well. Running at 1024 x 768 I can easily get Sonic to 40 FPS at CPU 100. The problem is that the game PLAYS too fast with the CPU at 100. So, am I correct in understanding that the FPS is directly tied to the speed of emulation? I know...
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    PJ64 vs 1964

    Yes, I have searched. I have also read the specs. But after doing such, I'm still wondering which emulator is better? I've been using PJ64 for some time, and it seems to work rather well. I see 1964 all over the place in screenshots in the high-res texture project but Rices plugin can work in...
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    TexturePicker - A tool to help manage and merge texture packs. Homepage The Problem If you're a user of Rices excellent plugin, you're probably familiar with the problem. "Texture Pack" is really a loose term that refers to an archive file full of images. Though the artwork is astounding...