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  1. Anton

    Zelda Wind Waker resources

    In case if someone wants to translate this game, I'll post here what I've found in WW iso for russian translation of this game. First of all, all graphic files are .bti. Use Bticonvert/TGA2BTI by Lunaboy to edit. All tools can be found here (page in russian)...
  2. Anton

    GameCube image Rebuilder

    I've searched for such tool in this thread- (The main goal of searching such tool was to replace original files in GC ISO with files, which are larger in size, than original ones). Finally, it was written by BSV. Maybe it would be helpful for...
  3. Anton

    File replacement in GC iso (for Zelda TP - Russian translation)

    I'm translating Twilight Princess to russian, and I have a problem with replacing files in ISO. This game use *.arc (Yaz0 compressed) files for almost everything, so I need first to de-Yaz0 them, then take de-Yaz0-ed *.rarc and change it (in this game "rarc" files are no "archives", actually -...
  4. Anton

    Zelda OoT fishing - Sinking Lure screenshots needed

    Can anybody please post some screenshots about using sinking lure in Zelda OoT? I need this for russian translation of zelda, but I haven't PJ's save states with adult Link at fishing pond, to see what's goin' on with this "sinking lure". (Have tons of uHle's saves, but it seems impossible to...
  5. Anton

    Zelda's OoT equipment subscreen

    Does anyone know what should be here instead of that garbage from mixed zelda logos, skies, etc.. ? This screenshot is from PJ64 1.5 final, from russian version of Zelda, but original english rom shows the same shit. Both roms are good.
  6. Anton

    Strange underwater hole in Zora Domain (Zelda:OoT)

    Is it possible to dive into this hole? It's in Zora Domain, right under the ladder which goes to the main entrance to the domain. I tried many times - nothing... With Gold Scale (young Link) I can dive as closer as possible... No success... With Iron Boots (adult Link) it's impossible too...
  7. Anton

    some plugins won't load...

    I downloades some new plugins, such as daedalus d3d8 ,etc. Unzipped to 1964's and pj's plugin folders. When I loading emu (1967 or pj), it says: "error, bla bla, plugin daedalusd3d8 (nrage input....)(daedalus graphics...) can't be used" or so.. What is this? How may I fix this? (cel 533, 128...
  8. Anton

    Zelda, Kokiri forest top view (help)

    How can I make a screenshot (or where can I get it, if it exists) of a detailed top view of kokiri forest?? Help... plz. I need it for my quake3 map, (remake of kokiri forest)