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    PSP Slim trigger problem

    Wow, been quite a while since I posted here. Well, getting to the point... I need some technical help on a PSP Slim 2001. I've been having an issue with the left trigger registering as being constantly down. It is not pressed, but the system registers it as being so. I've tried changing the...
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    Human-readable config file

    Anyone have any good tips for writing code in C(Not C++) to read and write a human-readable config file? I've been trying some different methods, but they all seem very crude. Any advice?
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    Problems with a PS2 SCPH50001

    I've been getting very annoyed while trying to determine a problem with a PS2. The PS2 has the oh-so-common Disc Read Error. I've tried all the standard fixes and nothing. The system stays at the Browser screen with "Reading Disc" flashing at the bottom. Here's what I've tried: * Adjusting...
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    DS or PSP?

    Listen to this retard rant about how badly the DS sucks: Then, watch him completely contradict himself here: So, which should I get? The DS with its 400 hour battery life or...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2: Is the story resolved?

    I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 for over 20 hours now, and I'm beginning to think the story isn't going to be concluded in this game. Can someone tell me if there are supposed to more games?
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    DirectDraw in C

    I've been trying for a while to get a simple DirectDraw program written in C to compile under MSVC++ 6.0. It refuses to compile this line: DirectDrawCreateEx(NULL, &lpDD, IID_IDirectDraw7, NULL); It gives me the following errors: directdraw.c(5) : error C2115: 'function' : incompatible...
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    USB Booting is a pain.

    Has anyone ever had a problem booting their computer and tried everything imaginable only to find out it was trying to boot from a USB device? I couldn't get mine to start, so I took out all my cards, reset the CMOS settings, unplugged all the electrical stuff. Still couldn't get it to boot...
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    Random lockups when computer is idle

    I've been experiencing random lockups with the AMD 3800+ I bought recently. These lockups only occur when the computer is idle. I've put the computer under full load and it hasn't happened once. They usually occur when the computer is left on overnight. Has anyone had any problems like this...
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    Want a new CPU and mainboard

    I've been considering buying a new CPU and mainboard. In the past I've leaned towards AMD's processors, but it seems recently Intel has been overtaking them. So, I want to know which company I should go with, which processor, and which mainboard would support it well.
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    Replacing Notebook DC Connector

    Does anyone have experience with this? I am referring not to the power supply, but the connector inside the notebook itself. Does each notebook require a special connector? I imagine it would have to be soldered in. I have very little experience with soldering. Is it difficult to do?
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    Windows XP NTFS CHKDSK problem

    I've been wanting to defragment my system partition, so I got Diskeeper. It was recommended that I run CHKDSK first, so I did. It finished and I began defragmenting. I didn't have too much free space at that time so it didn't make it too far. Afterwards, I tried running Diskeeper's boot time...
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    Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth

    Anyone played this game? I just finished it the other day, and I have to say it's probably one of the scariest games I've ever played. Bet you can't beat it without any hints :P.
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    DVD Burning

    Can anyone suggest a brand/type/speed of DVD burnable media that will work with most drives? I've got a burned one to read in the writable drive(of course), and I've got the same one to read in my desktop PC, but it refuses to read in my notebook's drive. Any certain brand I should buy, or way...
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    Replacement for credit/debit card payment?

    Is there a method of payment that can be used anywhere a credit/debit card is used online? It's kind of annoying that just about anything you try to buy online requires a credit card. Alot of places won't accept PayPal.
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    Recording audio output

    For a program I'm using, I need to be able to record the sound my notebook is outputting. To my knowledge, you would do this by selecting the recording input device as "Wave" The thing is "Wave" does not appear in the list. Any ideas why?
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    DC Wireless backup?

    Assuming anyone deciphers the protocol of the DS, does anyone think it would be possible to backup games to a computer through a wireless connection? Like possibly having the computer simulate the functions of the receiving DS, and write a permanent copy?
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    URL redirection games

    Could someone give me a listing of those URL redirection games that use clues and logic? I cannot for the life of me find ANY information on them anywhere!
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    Windows beginner question

    I'm a newb at Windows programming, so I need to ask a question. How can I make one of those FPS counters that show up in the title bar of the window?
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    TV Tuner suggestions.

    After reading around a while, I've noticed everyone else also thinks the ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0 is a huge piece of crap. So, I was wanting some suggestions on a good USB tuner. I'm on a notebook, so no internal stuff. I want something that's decent all around. I would be using it for console...