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  1. RatTrap

    happy valentines day!!!...

    yes.. for us swedes at least.. dunno if the date is international.. some things are some aren't (fathersday,mothersday etc) i'm going out with me gurly :D.. we're gonna eat at a very special restaurant.. and then who knows where we'll end up :p.. anyways.. laterz :D..
  2. RatTrap

    damn.. cancelled bday present :(..

    my bday was the 26th of july.. my big present was that a sertain someone would "disapiar" :devil: .. welp ???.. seems i've been a bad boy coz my present seems to have been cancelled :(.. ->>>>..
  3. RatTrap

    corn with butter mmmm..

    ini?.. new ini soon?.. anyone?.. oh btw.. Martin.. i beat ya to this one too :p..
  4. RatTrap


    ok.. these guys said they were gonna take a break.. i'm not sure.. but is there a chance they'll ever come back?.. anyone have any thoughts?.. btw Martin.. i beat ya to this one also :p..
  5. RatTrap


    hope it comes out soon.. but i'm not gonna rush anyone :).. i'm just here to beat Martin to the first post :p..