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    I know it says in the rules not to request source code/porting. Regardless, I am wondering why the devs haven't made this an open source projects? Heh, it does seem to be the trend of Windows developers to keep sources to themselves, but still. I'd like to know the reason, if anyone could...
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    keyboard problem

    Hey, me again. As yet I have been unable to find the default button for the B button :-). As you could imagine, this is hindering my ability to play games. When I press the Config button for Pad DirectX9 the ChangeNumPlayers dialog pops up and the config window never appears. When I switch the...
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    Failure when opening ROM

    Whenever I open any ROM file I get an error message saying "Direct3D Device creation failed!" I'm running an Apple MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo with Vista x64 installed. I have an NVIDIA 8600GTM graphics chipset but do not have the extended NVIDIA drivers due to $%@# 64 bit compatibility... I do have...