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  1. Guru64

    Zelda OOT ground problem

    I'm having problems with OOT. The ground is black! I tried both the new plugin from Project64 1.7 and Jabo's DirectX 6. I have a GeForce 4 MX 440 (crappy...). So what should I do? Do I have to upgrade/downgrade my drivers or use a different plugin?
  2. Guru64

    Complete game saves

    I tried to insert completed game saves into the memory card file that Dolphin uses and it works! Because these files can make it easier to test certain parts of a game, I decided to share them with all of you. I plan on making more for other games later. How to use In your Dolphin folder...
  3. Guru64

    Ensata is real

    No, this is not a hoax.
  4. Guru64

    N64 resolution

    What's the resolution N64 games use?
  5. Guru64

    New DS emulator It's still unreleased, but it isn't just a GBA emulator like DSemu. Looks pretty real to me.
  6. Guru64

    Wrong window size

    Did anybody else notice that the window size is wrong when playing a game?
  7. Guru64

    Nintendo DS roms

    The two first Nintendo DS roms are out... I'm not kidding! I have both of them. I'm sure you might think I just want attention, but I can give you all proof. But I don't want to break any rules, so can the admins or moderators tell me what I can post about it?
  8. Guru64

    To allt hose having problems with Sonic Adventure 2

    To all those having problems with Sonic Adventure 2 There is no solution for the streching polygons! Sorry if you expected a solution for this problem, but this is the only way to avoid making even more threads about it. The bug will be fixed in a later version of Chankast. BUT! Don't worry...
  9. Guru64

    Dolphin stopped working

    Dolphin was always working fine, untill today. When I try to open Dolphin, it crashes and gives me a error. I allready tried installing it again, but it didn't work. My specs: NVidia GeForce 4 MX440 with AGP8x Intel Pentium 4 2.66 Ghz 512 MB RAM memory Screenshot of the error:
  10. Guru64

    Can you get DOA2 LE JAP to work?

    I saw people saying that it works after a modification.
  11. Guru64

    GCM Unshrinker

    The extra data is just garbage data put on a GameCube disc to put the game data itself on the edge of the disc for faster loading times. If you can shrink a GCM, why not try to unshrink a GCM? Why would I want to unshrink my GCM's? Because I unshrinked them all and I actually want the high...
  12. Guru64

    Xmas Nights (JAP) and Sonic R (USA) on Satourne

    I got Satourne 1.1 to work, but I have problems with Sonic R (USA) and Xmas Nights (JAP). When I try Sonic R, I can get in-game, but the 3D is missing in the menus and everything is crapped in-game. (Crap in the background, can't see the roads, ect...) In Xmas Nights, I get to the screen to...
  13. Guru64

    Saturn questions

    1. Can you run ISO's on Girigiri? 2. Why is it so complicated to just run a game or ISO on any Saturn emulator? In ePSXe (PSX emulator) you just set a few settings and play a game. In all Saturn emulators you have to set the video plugin, the BIOS of the right country, controls and other shit.
  14. Guru64

    Xbox emulator question

    Well, the E3 demo of Sonic Heroes for Xbox (They say the Playstation 2 version is dumped as well, so the Gamecube version maybe is dumped too) is dumped! I just downloaded it, but I don't have an Xbox. My question is: can that Xcbx emulator run .xbe files? I know that the emulator might not be...
  15. Guru64


    This is a very nice forum, but the attachments do not work! I saw people having an attachment on there post without any problems! And it gives an error when I try to attach : Warning: Unable to create './attachments/10694/11621.attach': No such file or directory in...
  16. Guru64

    Sonic R ISO on Satourne

    Can somebody tell me how to get it to work? Satourne crashes when a level is loaded and there are missing graphics.
  17. Guru64

    Nebula Model2 Screenshots

    First game: Sonic The Fighters/Championship If you also want to post some screenies, go ahead! Who will save the world? Why does my screenshot not work?