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    New Emulation concept for N64

    Not sure if this is the right place to discuss such things. However I was thinking about how the Wii gets very good N64 emulation by emulating each game individually as channels. So I was thinking maybe if an N64 Emulator was made MAME style where each Arcade or in this case if each Game was a...
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    Soul Calibur 2 The best Fighting game ever

    Ok point is that my personal opinion is that no fighting game can touch Soul Calibur 2. The way it looks , moves and plays is second to none, so my humble opinion would be that i would rate it 9 out of ten because it does near everything right. He turned around and come out with a point that its...
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    Which Rpg should i play

    I wanted to play some Nes Rpg's as i have read that games on there were great but when i had a nes i never got to play rpg's it was mostly Platformers But i downloaded The Dragon Warrior Series The Final Fantasy Series Star Tropics 1 and 2 Ultima Exodus Earthbound Shadowgate I was wondering...
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    n64 pad for linux

    so i've been enjoying Playing N64 games on linux however one thing that really annoys me is that my sidewinder gamepad (original gameport) works well for most games but N64 titles need analog control so i was wondering what can i do to remedy the situation if possible i'd like to be able to use...
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    Mupen for kde ?

    I love Mupen since its a very good n64 emulator and the only one for linux but is there any possibility for a kde version anytime soon as i noticed in Gnome the video display is excellent but in kde when i play any game at all i get frequently get sporadic pauses or at least make a binary...
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    Compatability list

    was wondering if there would be any kind of compatability list planned for Mupen as i was suprised at the quality of the emulator especially when most emulator versions on linux tend not to be as good as their windows counterparts due to plugins and sometimes frontend features either way an...