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    i'm a pimp !

    proof here
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    So funny, take a look at this.

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    Wanna be a Rock Star

    You do ??? Go rigth there and start your carrer ! :cool: :cool: To register just click on on the upper left of the page Good luck! :cool:
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    Got time to waste

    Well if you got plenty of it you can go to Where's George? and index your American currency(works for people living in USA or Canada only) or if you got Canadian currency you can go to Where's Willy? (Also work for ppl living in USA and Canada only) you can all so create an account (that...
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    Nintendo=Masturbation Aid for teenage girls

    Attention contain explicit language that or not appropriate for children. :D
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    Create a hero
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    3DO's Station Invasion and PhotoCD menus screen

    3DO's Station Invasion and PhotoCD menus screen Warning 1024x768 pics here.
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    For Malcom

    For Malcolm I remember once on a post, i dont remember wish one theres to many ,where you post a bigger screen of the pic on you signature it was funny. I ask ,if you know what i mean, can you show it to me another time.
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    GBX Player = VBA

    Forgotten update is web site tellings us that another fake emulator of an old visualboy advance version is on the internet here's what he said "GBX Player is a fake of the old VisualBoy. If you have any doubt, save a game in it and load it in VisualBoy. Enough said. Forgotten" :devil:
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    oh and happy to see multiplayer :nemu:
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    Olympic Discus Throw altough a little complicate.
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    i want to see any sanfransisco games running on a n64 emu can someone show me a pick cause the game i have wont work on my emu for now.
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    hardware acceleration

    i hope someday n64 emulator will have graphics acceleration but i think it will come until 2005 what do you think