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    Porting Project64 1.7 Cheat database into Mupen64Plus

    I wrote an application in PHP to convert the Project64 1.7 cheat file into a Mupen64Plus format. Currently the Option cheats have been removed (?? ones). Also cheat notes have been removed. Included is the PHP script I wrote, the new cheats.cfg (this is not complete, but the cheats _should_...
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    Mupen64Plus - Subforum

    All Mupen64Plus related threads will be put in the Mupen64Plus subforum, and stickies will be moved.. this will help our development team. Going to sticky this for now. Thank you Gent for making us the subforum, everyone on the development team appreciates it.
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    Daily Mupen64 Build Bot

    Would you guys like to see a daily post from a bot that posted the daily binaries? I could write this if you guys would like me too.
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    Teasers: Gameshark =)

    Expect a functional gameshark in the next release, and a beta one upcoming in the SVN soon.
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    Official mupen64plus Screenshot Thread (56K Death)

    RiceVideo-Linux 1.2 - Goldeneye GlN64 - Zelda: MM
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    Mupen64Plus - API Driven Core

    An idea that the team is considering and discussing is turning Mupen64Plus into an API based core, which interacts with a GUI. The core would be a back-end, and the GUI would be the front-end. You can see this in an emulator such as MAME (which has been very successful). Such calls that would...
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    Mupen64K 0.60 Released