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    I want to sure Something

    I play ocarina of time there is remain 3 heaer of pieces. I sure two of them but ı cant sure one of them. ı checked about all heart of pieces location. I cant sure dampe grave digging tour, it give me Purple rupee. Is it means ı get that heart of pieces?
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    Djipi 2015 HD Texture Black Screen

    I found djipi hd texture 2015. Link in below. But it give me black screen, I tried 1.6 and 2.2 nothing change. link;
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    Ocarina Of Time Texture Pack Can Not Load

    I downloaded community texture pack .dat version. I tried every plugin and every solution. But texture pack cant load. I am using project 64 2.1. Texture pack location is d/games/ocarina/plugin/gfx/cache. I changed this location d/games/textures/cache I changed roms direction but still not working.
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    Ocarina of Time Problem

    I got it 2 spiritual stones. The fairy says "I wonder if Saria about knows other spiritual stone". Then I go to sacred meadow about talking Saria. But Saria says me nothing about spiritual stones and I using my ocarina and playing Saria's song, Saria nothing says about spiritual stone. I go to...