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    Site Updated + featuring The Console Tool Project

    It's a bit difficult to determine what this would fall under, so I'm posting it here in hopes it's the right place. I think there used to be a Website section, though that appears to be non-existent now... You may or may not have heard of me, or perhaps remembered me (back in the day XD) on...
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    I'm wanting to do some work with PHP...just atm I don't know how to set it tutorials tell you to get apache ...yet the apache website just displays a directory... 2 things... How do I setup up Dreamweaver so I can write and preview PHP code And how to I put this up on the net? As...
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    Low Lines Post :p

    Hmm just had a thought :p With how the DS uses WiFi for all it's communications :p Do you think with a bit of research, (and a lot more NDS Emulator Releases lol) that your pc could be treated as another node in this Wireless Connectivity, so that multiplayer functionality would be doable...
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    Renegade64 / Action Replay

    Bit of unusual content for once :p I've been a little naughty child and have taken a liking to naughty little cheating devices :evil: for the purpose of gathering unessesary sprites to use for other means *evil laugh* My searching has brought me upon Renegade64 which people may or may not of...
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    iDeaS (Official Website) Here's the changelog: Added test if cuboid sits inside view volume. Added flip textures coordinates. Added test for position coordinates. Added microphone support. Fixed a bug in EEPROM management. Fixed a bug in Display Capture...
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    Another Low Lines Poll XD

    Thought it might be semi appropriate to do a poll since the last one was Closed before being finished. Also this poll may be straying a little bit from the thread name, but this place is still my projects home so yeah :P This time I'm asking people what should be the next emulation...
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    DeSmuME Screenshots

    Post screenshots for DeSmuME here (for all versions) and we'll just Make note of a new section (ie new version) as we go :bouncy:
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    iDeaS Update

    Thanks to Rockmangames, unfaltering pestering he eventually convinced me to ask Evrain about what is happening with iDeaS....okay here we go. Rockmangames!! Listen up!! This is the answer to your question ;) Evrain has been busily moderating in the GBArl forums (he is a moderator over there)...
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    Low Lines Flash Compat List (Opinion Poll)

    Hello pplz, I have just been wondering why I haven't got much feedback on my project because I was hoping people could give me their opinions and that so I could improve upon it and make it EXACTLY the way people want it so it will suit everybody's needs. But anyway, I was just thinking...
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    New Forum Design

    I got quite I shock when I logged on today to see It looks really good and it now matches the Emulation64 site design, which is good. But.... May I request that new threads and posts have flashing icons? They stand out much better and I sort of rely on...
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    NDeSmuME 0.4.0 (by NDS)

    Also as you would have noticed, he has changed the version to 0.4.0 instead of continuing to 0.3.8 to avoid confusion it seems and also he said his final release will be 0.5.0 so we may be looking at possibly 10 or more releases from him. Here's the links, but they went to sleep when I tried...
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    NDeSmuME Emulator + Source (by Author NDS)

    To avoid confusion author NDS has changed the name of his build to NDeSmuME (makes use of his name) the version as he is calling it is I think 0.3.6 but he's been on about 0.4.0 or something but anyway he's re-released the emulator along with the source so that it follows the requirements of...
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    Rom Release #0463+

    Can somebody please clarify this for me?? Rom Release #0463 According to PocketHeaven it is MAX Media Launcher (E) But according to multiple sources ( and GBAtemp) it is Zoids Dash (J). Which is correct?? I find this very important because it affects every rom release that follows...
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    NeeDS 0.0.1

    Name: NeeDS Author/Programmer: maxhoov OS: Windows First Release Date: 20 June 2006 Current Release: 0.0.1 Sorry guys....Just making notes for a new compat list!! There we go!! Something to look forward too!! Yay!!
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    iDeaS + DeSmuME src = providence

    Everybody post some positive thread here so those crappy ones get put to the back okay?? :bouncy: I'm a little sick of all the bad stuff that's been floating around here lately, so I want to put a little bit of good in here as well as to imform those new to the scene or have been kept away from...
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    iDeaS Updates

    I didn't think the other thread was appropriate for this (since it was meant for iDeaS so I'm making a generic one that can be used for all updates on the progress of iDeaS. I'll start it with the hint Evrain has given us, that surrounds the NDS game Trauma Center. I did see some...
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    Post any Questions or Problems with iDeaS here!!

    Note: Cyberman, can you make this a sticky so everyone will find it?? This is or will be a General FAQ and How To Thread specifically directed at all those people who by some unnatural reason cannot work out how to use iDeaS. I will also add other things (like how to take Screenshots and Video...
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    iDeaS Compatibility List

    It seems that Lino has released a new version of iDeaS, and it also seems that it hasn't caught on yet... I'm very optimistic right now cos I'm sure that there will be a substantial improvement to the last, even if the touchscreen is still not perfect. I mean just seeing that Castlevania can get...
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    iDeaS WIP Screenshots!!

    Evrain has posted some cool screenshots showing Castlevania going further than before. This was from an Italian site, and I had a...
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    NDS Game Descriptions

    Visit this link to see the Flash Compat List Database. Submit game descriptions here in zip files. Try to keep them reasonably short (maybe under 500 characters) and to the point. All you have to do is copy this code into a Notepad file and write your description... Here's...